Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A very Goodbye to 2008.

Finally a year of disappointments and depression is getting over. Hopefully 2009 will be a better year.
In fact am more happy saying goodbye to 2008 rather being more excited about 2009:D
God Bless all with loads of happiness and love.
And this new look to the blog, is my gift to my blog, for 2009:)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A touch Within!

Life is a crash,Emotions are mashed,
Numb are the feelings,Dont know what to lose next.

Emotions are stuck within, like a hard chewing gum,
After a allot of brush up, they still within and still stuck up.

Afraid of Expressing,don't know what will happen next.
Already know that feelings are suppressed,Excitement is lost,
Pain is no more felt,but Thankfully,
Feeling Happiness is still a live process,
Which is still sometimes onn.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am Back:)

I am Back to Blogging Era and Dont have words to start with..?

Last I posted on 1st december. Papa got injured,severe injuries that too major ones ,Doctor said alot of risks are there,complications are there.But we trusted God,He gradually made things better.
His Welwisher prayed for him. Now after 14 days,hes sounding much better,though hes still in ICU,but alot of recovery is there.Doctors has marked his recovery a Miracle,Its all because of God's immense blesings,his care and his love.

Today i talked to Doctors he told us that if papa would have brought late to the hospital at the accident nite,he would have not survived.
Now Papa is better,but there's a long way to his recovery.But We Trust Divine,Everything gona be perfect soon.

So as i was not blogging for since many days,Some people must have missed my presence,i Hope:D:D.
I was Obliged with 2 awards by some wonderful people,Stephen and Pankhuri. By this sweet gesture of their they tried and make an effort to make me smile and am very thankfull and greatfull to them.Thanks Stephen and Pankhuri:):)
Stephen Awarded me With The Rocking Riter Award[Which is dislayed on the right side of the Blog]
and Pankhuri Awarded me with The Kreative Blogger Award[Which is also displayed on the right side of the blog].
Thanks to both of them.
God Bless you all:-).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I voted,I voted,I voted!!!!!! My first vote...!!!!!yeahh!!!
FeelingGood,Feeling Responsible...:-)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Is this means Expecting Alot??

Yesterday I was talking to one of my dear friend on phone and we both were discussing our tiny- minny life issues. As i was sharing my life problem to her,and after all the conversation got over about our life tiny issues ,our concerns, than came the time of advise.My friend told me that Gauri sometimes you expect a lot from people. I laughed for a while and then got shut and then i explained her that my dear I hardly expect things from people.After keeping quite for a min,then she also agreed with me.

Then we both kept the phone down after talking for another 5 minutes.After keeping the phone down,i got quite for sometime and i sat down and give it a thought,that really i expect alot from people around me??
A person cant even expect that little amount of normal tid bits of life..??Expecting that also from your dear and tear ones has been banned now..??

I started searching beneath me and i came down with conclusion that..i have always expected a person to be loyal and true in friendship.In fact in any relationship these two aspects are this was expecting more??
I expected a genuine concerns from all those people who once said this, that they are my well wisher and have always counted me in one of there close friends,is this was a lot to expect??
I expected people to understand my emotions when am numb,expected them to understand my silence,expected them to understand my efforts.,,is this was a lot to expect??
I expected them to message me and ask how are you when am sad,i expected from all those people that they cheer me whenever I'll be low,is this what alot i expected..??
And after all this my thought process just ended and then for a moment i realized.somewhere life has kept me in various illusions,or i trusted those closed ones so innocently that,they took advantage of my healthy nature!?

It all took me to various thought process and now i hardly feel anything in this respect and hardly expect anything,not even the basic expectations of human nature,sometimes..
Such is a life dearies....:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quotes of the Day!

-->>Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are, to some extent, a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece-by thought, choice, courage and determination.

-->>You know it's love when all you want is that person to be happy; even if you're not part of their happiness.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Its Award Time Again!!!!!:-)

"Free Spirited and Independent" Blogger award but in Hindi ("Unmukt and azad blog award")...
Its always been pleasure receiving Awards.It gives a feeling of relieve that your work is being appreciated by people.Its a recognition Token.:):):)
Thanks Sam For this Wonder full recognition.:-)
And Now am passing this Award to other deserving Blogger..
-Tushar: Voyaging through Blogosphere
-Karthik: Contorted Reality
-Pankhuri: CreativityExplored
-Prashant : C'est la Vie
-Stephen: Solitary Writer

Rules as Follows:-

-Click on the Picture

-Save the image

-And the Award is yours:-)


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Award Time!!:-)

Before starting anything new,I would love to thank Tushar for awarding me this Butterfly award,I felt very delighted and i am flying high like this butterfly to the 7th sky by his sweet gesture.
Thank you Tushar:-).

As i also have the great privilege to award this to other blogger,but all the other blogger friends of mine have already been awarded so am keeping this best thing for the last.
Once again a heart felt thanks to Tushar.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


"Some hurts just can't be expressed,they are entirely integral part of ours and nobody can eveR understand."

(Its very disheartening)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old Man!!!

Yesterday something very weird happened.I went with my family to one Bhajan Sandya and there I,my moma and my brother was in the shoe stand area,doing Seva there.Then what happened a old man came and gave his token so i can bring his shoes,after i bought his shoes,he thanked me alot of time and he was smiling and smiling and i also smiled once and said welcome politely.

But i don't know why,i didn't fine this man genuine somewhere,there was something in his eyes,some negativity or the way he was staring,there was something which was unpleasant.
After standing for some 1-2 minutes this man left, and i think that time also he was staring me[i didn't notice him much because i already was feeling uncomfortable and i was overlooking him and got busy with other people,to help them to find there shoes]. And suddenly after walking 5-6 steps this old man came to me,[there was a distance of one table between us] and said show me your hand.i got puzzled when he said this,and i didn't show him my hand,then what he did, he just pulled my hand,took out his handkerchief and wiped my both hands and then left.and he did this very rapidly and i got soo sacred at tat time,i just cant tell! His gesture was may be from his heart but still i don't know why,? i didn't find it that pure,there was something which i didn't like,may be the way he was looking or the way he behaved,there was something which was bit fishy with his character.


Yesterday's post is deleted.

Monday, November 10, 2008

How Important is Money iN Relationships?

This was the topic in one of the magazines for some competition,i didn't send the entry but thought to share my views with my blog.

Money an inexorable aspect of one's life. There's always of a greed of more and more.In today's modern world money has become more important than relationships.
Now days money is a pillar of everything.In fact its a base of any relationships.People have lost every emotions of life and highly practical that they are more money minded than relationship mined.For them financial status is more than ones own goodwill.
If you have huge amount of bank balance than you have every relationship of life.
Today the world has become so cunning, accept money people are unable to sense anything else.

Relationships another inseparable part of life, that these days people are so much into money thingy that money has empowered the scent of relationships.
Ones my friend told me that her friend decided her Boy by not seeing that how he is as a person but how much is his bank balance.And i was totally surprised how can somebody be so clever and so bitchy i mean so mean.But as it is said that no two people are same, everybody is different,differs in opinions and thoughts i had nothing to tell her accept listening all this.People says that gossiping is 'bitchy' but i truly feels this 'money' is more bitchy and killing.
If you have money you have relationships,if you don't have a single penny you have lost everything your own family sometimes.

Sometimes i wonder that where the world is leading everybody has become so materialistic,for what?? When they'll go to God's place they just can't take all this materialistic things,for what they are so mad about.??
Status,bank balance,for what,at the end only good deeds will be counted..??

Anyways, if money is heavy on relationships ,then whats a big deal in it, after all its 'Kalyug' anything can happen.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jaane Kyun!!!!!!!!:-)

I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright
I’ll be alright

Tu hai toh tedi medi rahe
Ulti pulti baatein
Sedhi lagthi hai
Tu hai toh joote moote vaade
Dushman ke irrade
Sache lagthe hai
Jo dil mein taare vaare de jagah
Woh tu hi hai, tu hi hai
Jo rothe rothe de hassa
Tu hi hai wahin

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
(I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
(I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)

Saari duniya ek taraf hai
Ek taraf hai hum
Har khushi toh, dur bhage
Mil rahe hai gum
But when u smile for me
World seems all right
Yeh meri zindagi
Pal mein hi khil jaaye
Jaane kyun

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
(I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
(I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)

(Yeh yeh yeh
I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright
I’ll be alright
Yeh yeh yeh
I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright) —- 2

(Jo dil mein taare vaare de jagah
Woh tu hi hai, tu hi hai
Tu hi hai) (low background voice)

Chote chote kuch palon ka
Dostana yeah
Jaane kyun ab lag raha hai
Jaana maana yeah
Coz when smile for me
World seems alright
Yeah sare pal yahin
Yun hi tham se jaaye
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun)

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
(I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
(I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)

Tu hai toh tedi medi rahe
Ulti pulti baatein
Sedhi lagthi hai
Tu hai toh joote moote vaade
Dushman ke irrade
Sache lagthe hai
Jo dil mein taare vaare de jagah
Woh tu hi hai, tu hi hai
Jo rothe rothe de hassa
Tu hi hai wahin

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
(I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
(I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
(I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)



NICE NAA..:-))))


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We can forget people,their faces,dates,years, but why the hell we can't forget moments,,?
They are always in our brains until n unless we are amnesiac,,sometimes saddest of the memory is still packed in our brains.
We forget relationships but we cant forget moments,such a weird human process!
People leave us and go.But memories haunt us or may be sometimes they just become very dearer.Sometimes there are allot of soothing memories but people remember some sobbing memories more prominently and, when i thought about it and did some autobiopsy asusal,i came to the conclusion that they can be more Real and preserving than any other ordinary fake memory, that's why people's brain adapt them better.[may be]

Here am not saying that people don't adapt sweet memories,ofcorse they do,infact everybody does,but it has seen that people adapt sob sob memory more often ,as they are more of emotional bond..

There are many memories which we really wanted the most to forget because they just bring tears, . Then
Why they are always just stucks inn and sucks are life's! why the hell we don't forget them??

Because ,the Ultimate fact is,, People can forget us, We can forget them, but memories, will never forget either of us!!Ones the memories are recorded in high powerful brain cells they are there always feeded inn and its too hard to forget them..

Thats what life is..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weird me?:D

Today the Day was so peculiar,in the afternoon i was alone at home and i don't know what happened, i just started crying like anything.I didn't even know the reason that what happened ,why i cried??
And my crying was not that silent sobbing,it was a loud one and that too done in bit hesitant mode just because my neighbours should not hear my sob sob.
Through out the year,there were many 'moments of cry' and i cried also,but not wholeheartedly.
Sometimes tears were till my eyes only,they didn't have the courage of dropping off my eyes,they were soaked up by my eyes only.
But today, i was crying like 2 year old child though for 2 minutes only but then also i don't know why ??
At one point i just got this feeling that i have become weak now,i don't know, in what sense but i felt this for a while.I just can't take it anymore.My inner strength has been tested allot,now doesn't feel like giving any test at least for sometime.

I just felt like switching off my cell phone,cut off from outer world just want to be in my own world for sometime.In fact today i have to meet my friends even didn't feel like going there,but as i committed so i have to go and later its not that i didn't have fun,i had loads of fun,in fact they all cheered me up,,though unintentionally.But we had allot of fun.May be that was the best part today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tear Drops!

I Don't know what has happened to me??These days i just shed my tears for anything,,on any emotional or low moment,,anything.. the tears starts dropping from my eyes..!!
Oh God!! I have never been so weak..what is happened to me??
or it is just emotional outburst inside me which i can't hold it anymore and now it is coming in pieces,..don't know?
I don't know,,i just know,,that my tears these days are unstoppable:D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


"Sometimes she feels, that she should totally go out his life,when she came across his other genuine set of friends,which he also says that they are very caring and nice.
But then suddenly, something inside her just stops her to do so,she herself couldn't find out that what it is,why she is unable to do so...??"

Such is a life Dearies.....:D:)

Quote of the day!

Just A click!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a Click!

Clicky clicko clickaaaaa!!!!!:D:D

This is me in middle,then in rite Sidu and in left Arunima.
We all are school friends,we met in Pune after a very long time specially Arunima and me.This photo is clicked in some kakade mall in Pune.
I spend a very minimum time with them but it was fun meeting them.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Innocence is still Alive!!!:-)

In my Journey to Shridi, i met a little boy in train, he was a student of 4th class and he was also going to Shridi,so i was just talking to him and he too was enjoying his conversation with me.
I asked him, you going to Shridi,what will you pray to God.?

That conversation goes likes this:
Gauri:When you will reach Shridi,what will you Pray?
Rahul:I don't kno??
Gauri:Will you pray for loads of chocolates??
Gauri:Will you Pray for toys??
Gauri:Will you Pray for loadss of Money??
Gauri:Then what will you Pray??
Rahul:I don't know??
Gauri:Ofcourse You Know!

Then after this he said..
I'll Pray to god that he Blesses everybody![sabka bhala hoo,these were his words]
and these words just brought Smile on my face..

then again i asked him,you'll not pray for your studies.than he says'sabka bhala mei to aahe jata hai sab kuch,mere padai bhi usse mei ajate haii'..
And after all this conversation between me n him,,i was happy,that children are still innocent,innocence is still not vanished...
His words were to innocent and too pure...

When all this conversation finished,the very first thing which came into my heart was..

"Dear Child now you are already blessed,God has already Blessed you before reaching to his place, you are Blessed Baby of his".

'tabhi bolte hai God bacho ki baat jaldi sunte hai,,kyoki they are full of purity and love".
They don't have any grudges or malice for anybody...

Child's heart is always a pure heart,its proved now!:-))

God Bless this Child!:-)
God Bless everybody!:-))



Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yipppppppppppppp!!!! My 100th post..:-)))))

So So So,this is my 100th post and I am Very Happyyyyyy....:-)))

And on this occasion of my tiny success i am gona share some other moments of the day which made me smile today.:-)))

== I finished the Holy Book which i was reading from past 2-3 weeks.I am very Happy,infact my state is of contentment.Feeling very Good.:-))

==Tomorrow am going to my Baba's place,2nd time in around 3 months,soooo happpyyy:-))))

==Then one of my dear friend whom i call Siddu,my school friend bought a new car.He came in morning and gave me surprise,i was so happy for him,really it brought a smile on my face:-))

==Finally, my dearest friend Tushar completed his novel The Thakur Boy on his blog,am happy for him,hes a faboulus writer:-))

And last but not the least i wana Thank every reader of my blog spec. Tushar,Pankhuri,Sidharth,Karthik,Stephen and other blog followers who have been great Support to me.:-))))

Thank you!:-))

PS:Prashant,it just slipped from my mind,hes also been a great support to me in blog world.:)

Cruel World

She hate liars,
she hate fake people,
she hate each and every person who have hurt her for without any reason.
She hate those who have never trusted her,who have always took her wrong,her intentions wrong.

She hate those who have never understood her,
her concerns, her care, her love...
She hate this selfish world,
Shes been deceived ,her pure emotions have been murdered,
,whenever she has trusted people and allow them to be part of her life,
they all have hurt her,

She hate those who took undue advantage of her emotions,her innocence..
Shes always been loving,forgiving to people,but people have hurt her,she hate them...

World is so cruel,World is soo bad,She hate the world,everybody.
Nobody bothered for her tears,everybody made her cry,
People whom she trusted,
whom she felt that they are everything to her,
they also let her down,
hurt her badly,

Nobody cared,Nobody bothered
She hates everybody,She hates the world...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another beautiful creation of Tushar,'The Thakur Boy'.
An Impressive and touching story by him.

Must read, Strongly Recommended by me:-)
Thank you!!

Just a click!:)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A year of sorrows...

It was early morning around 1:30am or so today, got a call from my very dear friend and she was crying,i asked what happened?She said my father is no more,i was speechless. I didn't know what to say,how to react?And i coudln't talk to her further,and i kept the phone down.

I just got over with similar phase 3 months back.It was traumatic.My best friend lost her young 25 years old brother in road accident.He was studying in Australia. I still remember,it was Saturday morning,i was messaging her just to share some tid-bits of my life and she didn't reply to any of my messages.Then on my way to class i called her and i was about to blabber and she said Prashant is no more.I was Blank,i asked her Who Prashant? She said my Brother and she hung up.My mode got anestheatic that time,i was not at all aware of my surroundings and i was walking blankly then after 2-3 second i regained my consciousness and then called my mother she was also shocked then she and Papa both rushed to her place and i went to the class first,couldn't concentrate for a second,i left the class in between and rushed.

I have seen that pain,that crying of grandparents,that crying of a mother, a father, a younger sister.It was too depressing,She is my dearest friend and i usto go to her place everyday,i know how it used to be,she usto cry and i was so helpless,i just can't do anything.
God bless there entire family.

Now its 3 months i still can see that pain in her family,Uncle who usto joke allot,now he doesn't do it much.Aunty who usto be so cheerful all the time,now shes not like that,shes so restless from her mind,her state of mind has disturbed,she just wants some peace,mental peace.

Again same circumstances has arisen, my friend lost her father,the pain is unbearable.I don't know how i'll console her.My strength is lost,my energies are still not 100% rejuvenated,I am again helpless.My life too is not 100% on track,i know my problems are too smaller,but its getting tufer for me to handle those.

Today i have to go to her place,but couldn't go,because i can't witnessed dead body and people crying badly.I am very vulnerable.I am very sorry for that but,my power was not allowing me to witnessed that scene.I have become weak.

This year was full of sorrows,my another close friend lost her grandmother.It was too depressing.

I just pray to God,that he blesses entire Aspanani family.Give them strength to come out from this low phase of life.

God Please bless all ,love all. Your hand of a blessings will just make everything smooth.

Friday, October 3, 2008

An Undelivered Email !

This was an email i read in one of my friend's inbox,she couldn't send this to her beloved because of unfortunate circumstances.

--This letter is not displayed here for any sympathy reason,its just about ones innocent feelings..

My dear,today i really want to confess some of my very integral feelings,which was always a very deep part of me ad my life but now i think its a right time and i should share it with you as it involves you also.
I know u from past 2 years and i never realised this that i have a crush on you. First i thought that its just an infatuation,and may be it was,but as our relationship started growing,i found that it is more than that,though i still can't feel that it is love factor but then also it was something, which i was unaware of.
I have felt that jealousy and that possessiveness in me.Though every intentions of mine was pure.My jealousy and my possessiveness never lead me to take any evil step towards any of your relationship.My feelings were balanced.

I don't trust people so easily neither i give them chance to be part of my life,but you were successful in making that place.

I don't know how you feel, the same way I do.?

I have always felt protected under your friendship,in fact you were the person whom i always felt knows me better though not in and out but to some extent you always knew how am I.
You have always guided me,i have always felt that warmth with you.I was real mE with you, my comfort level with you have always been good.

After that circumstances didn't support her,Things changed so rapidly,...Couldn't send this...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have left the blog Writer's Lounge.It was entirely my pleasure and good luck till whatever time i was associated with it.It was a great experience,though i didn't contributed much,but it felt nice to be part of it.:-)
Thanks to the person who motivated me!:))
and thanks to Stephen!:)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Innocence of A Girl!

So here's my much awaited poem.This is my First Poem in Hindi.;)
I wrote This poem a way back.It one of my very pleasant memory.I Still remember when the first time i shared it with one of my very dear friend and i was so shy in sharing it with him because i found it bit embarrassing:D.I share my every first composition with him.:))

But then later i got compliments like that it is filled with innocence and all.:-)).
May be it is,May be its not,Some may find it bit funny.

But, nevertheless its my composition and I Love it!!:-))

Iss totte rishety se iss dil ke asihane ka kya hga
yeh pul sa dil ab pathar dil banjayega uska kya hga.
iss pathar dil ke aaso ka koi marram nhi ,
yeh aise he roota jayega.

phir ek din ek rajkumar ayega vo iss pathar dil ka maraham layega,
saare aaso lejayega,
r khushiyu ki barsat layega.

Bas intezar hai ab uss rajkumar ka jo yeh dherr saare khushiyan laega,
mjhe rajkumari jaisa ehsaas dilaega aur mere saare dukh dard apne banega.

Ishwar se bas prathana hai mere mat nazar lagane inn sapno par kisseki,
kardena inhe saach,
aur khushal kardena b zindage mere.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yeahhhhhh,,One more Award!!!!:-)))

This Wonderful Award is given to me by my Blogger friend Stephen.
Thank you friend!

Just a Click!:-)

As it is bit unclear,but i find this thought worth displaying on my blog and I am writing it again as it is, for more clarity.
So it says,
I have made mistakes in my life
I have let people take advantage of me
and i accepted way less than i deserve
But I have learned from my bad choices
and even though there are somethings i can never get back and people who will never be sorry.
I'l know better next time and
I won't settle for anything less than I deserve.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Memorable Trip to Shirdi:-))

Today my dear friend went for a trip to Shirdi,and she was so excited,after seeing all this all my memories just flashed back of my recent Shirdi Trip,it was memorable one which i'll cherish through out my life.In this trip i went through various experiences and some very good realization.
Its was 10th night when we left for Shirdi.I was totally satisfied with what I had that time,feelings,satisfaction of some of my decisions.Life wasn't on track 100% before leaving but then also I was satisfied for various things.Baba called me to his place with abundant satisfied mind.I was happy for one and only ting that I was going to meet him with pure mind,that is without any regrets ,or grudges or guilt,it was entirely pure. Life wasn't tat fruitful to me before leaving but I don't know wt happened I was satisfied with everything,very positive very cheerful..
On 11th evening v reached to Shirdi and then we went to our hotel room we all were very tired 22 hrs journey was too much. We took sum rest had sum food,,n v got fresh.. n ten v decided to visit Samadi mandir[where Baba’s Samadi and his effigy is placed ] . There are two floors r may b mo ten two floors..and d long queue to reach to d Samadi mandir..but it wasn't tiring standing was full with excitement that il meet Baba n When I entered d Samadi mandir,there were 2 queue.II didn't know that one of them will lead directly to d exit,I found that queue shorter so I got into it,but I was very disheartened when it took me straight out to the exit.I didn't even get a time to pray2 my Baba.I was disheartened that no now Il not get a chance to talk to him,to pray him. After tat v went to Dwarakamai this is d real place where baba us to to spend most f d time..he us to meet his devotees there talk to them there we have Dhuni was lit by Baba only at his time,,the ashes of Duni were given by Baba to his people in d form f medicine to cure there physical pains it still used as a medicine though its not given directly by Baba but your faith in Baba and his duni makes it much better then any other medicine and the pain his cure. Here also we didn't get the chance to visit the actual place of DwarakmaiWhere Baba lit that Duni…it was closed n we were at d entrance…at tat time I don't know what happened I suddenly start feeling bit dizzy, I was feeling very thirsty also…as I was in Baba’s palace..dare anything can happen to me,I was fine.I went out and had sum water and felt much better.Then we went to one f d restaurants tere fr dinner,,n ten back to r room for a sleep,we all were tired but on 12th early morning v hav to get up early in d mrng for the Aarti and for that we have to be in queue of 2’o clock .We all were very tired,,it was around 11:30 r something v reached r hotel room and we have to get up again at 12:30 r 1am to get ready fr Aarti,,it was tiring,,But as it was decided alarm rang at 12:30 v got up till 1..v were still on bed with a confused mind that v should attend it today or n Sunday tat is 13th…but Baba wants to meet all of us in the morning Aarti ..we got up r laziness was vanished,,got ready n went there n stood in line of 2:15am,the mandir opens at 4:00am,,and Aarti starts at 4:30 am,,v all were in queue with other was again a very long queue,many people were there before 2am,they were sleeping there only,,I was sitting on a granite marble platform..there was an old lady sitting with me,,she was a Tamilian..a lott f crowed there is from Andhera…and the problem with all Andheraites is that they don’t understand hindi or english they only speak tamil which is again a language prob with us because..we hindi speaking people have very minimal knowledge of tat..i was tired n sitting very lazily on tat platform..tat old lady was soo kind she by her hand movements indicated me to put my head on her lap..i did tat..she protected me like her grandchild..later on I become bit conscious that my pony can pinch her on her la,so I got up.

Then time passed v went inside.I got to meet Baba again..tat too 4rm very near..v sang d Aarti,,and one of my favourite bhajan,its a part of that Aarti onl and That day.I talked to Baba for a very long time,there we can't stand for long n pray,,but I did tat..n when I was praying.I was not getting wt to pray I forgot must of the thing one night before I was planning i'll pray this and that and I forgot what to talk . When I meet Baba..that day I was with Baba for very long time,Iwas happy,very happy…finally I have to asked d guard how to b out from this area ann he showed me the way… I was satisfied… .On d same day v went Shani mandir,its at Shingapur,its about 2 hrs long journey..v went there..came back around 12..we were very tired..we didn't sleep much from past 1 r 1.5 days.We had our food and then we dozed off…we took sum good rest later in the evening.I alone visited the Samadhi mandir again…very long queue but Baba was kind to me that,again I was very near 2 Baba.I came back to my room..papa ,moma n Anmol went to Dwarakmai that day.At the same very day we planned for the night Aarti for which we have to be in queue of 8:30pm..Baba was soo kind to us tat for Aarti f 10:30pm v went in the queue of 9:30pm..and then also…we got a chance to be in Mandir that too very near to Baba…
As I couldn't visit Dwarkamai any of days it was necessary for me to visit on 13 th our last day of Shirdi.We went to Dwarakamai and I was shocked to c such a big queue..i was sad,,because I felt tat today i'll not get chance to visit Dwarkamai,but my papa,a very optimistic man..said don worry dear..v will….v got a chance before we expected..and then we all visited before time.My this visit to Shiridi was complete..i was satisfied..Baba showered his blessings his love he took a very good care of all of us..we were very happy,,, Then we came to our room,,,packed are luggage went to our station…in meanwhile we stopped for Tapu bhumi mandir ,,where Baba did his tapsya..and then straight to our station… I went satisfied n came satisfied.Life was good n very serene there..
Om Sai Ram!

Note:This post was originally posted by me on my very dear friend's blog Dharma Karma.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Award Giving Ceremony...:-)

This Brillante Weblog Premio-2008 Award which i have already passed it on to my blogger friend's here am again passing it to another blogger friend of mine,Stephen.

Congratulations Stephen!
keep blogging!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am Missing ya!;)


-->This is not my creation its my Compilation.

The First Secret - The Power Of Thought
Love begins with our thoughts. We become what we think about. Loving thoughts create loving experiences and loving relationships. Affirmations can change our beliefs and thoughts about others and ourselves. If we want to love someone, we need to consider their needs and desires. Thinking about your ideal partner will help you recognize her when you meet her.

The Second Secret - The Power Of Respect
You cannot love anyone or anything unless you first respect them. The first person you need to respect is yourself. To begin to gain self-respect asks yourself, “What do I respect about myself?” To gain respect for others, even those you may dislike, ask yourself “What do I respect about them?”

The Third Secret - The Power Of Giving
If you want to receive love, all you have to do is give it! The more love you give, the more you will receive. To love is to give of yourself freely and unconditionally. Practice random acts of kindness. Before committing to a relationship ask not what the other person will be able to give to you, but rather what will you be able to give them. The secret formula of a
happy, lifelong, loving relationship is to always focus on what you can give instead of what you can take.

The Fourth Secret - The Power Of Friendship
To find a true love, you must first find a true friend. Love does not consist of gazing into each other’s eyes, but rather looking outward together in the same direction. To love someone completely you must love them for who they are, not what they look like. Friendship is the soil xthrough which love’s seeds grow. If you want to bring love into a relationship, you must first bring friendship.

The Fifth Secret - The Power Of Touch
Touch is one of the most powerful expressions of love, breaking down barriers and bonding relationships. Touch changes our physical and emotional states and makes us more receptive to love.

The Sixth Secret - The Power Of Letting Go
If you love something, let it free. If it comes back to you it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was. Even in a loving relationship, people need their own space. If we want to learn to love, we must first learn to forgive and let go of past hurts and grievances. Love means letting go of our fears, prejudices, egos and conditions. “Today I let go of all my fears, the past
has no power over me - today is the beginning of a new life.”

The Seventh Secret - The Power Of Communication
When we learn to communicate openly and honestly, life changes. To love someone is to communicate with them. Let the people you love know that you love them and appreciate them. Never be afraid to say those three magic words: “I Love you.” Never let an opportunity pass to praise someone. Always leave someone you love with a loving word - it could be the last time you see them. If you were about to die but could make telephone calls to the people you loved, who would you call, what would you say and..why are you waiting?

The Eighth Secret - The Power Of Commitment
If you want to have love in abundance, you must be committed to it, and that commitment will be reflected in your thoughts and actions. Commitment is the true test of love. If you want to have loving relationships, you must be committed to loving relationships. When you are committed to someone or something, quitting is never an option. Commitment distinguishes a fragile relationship from a strong one.

The Ninth Secret - The Power Of Passion
Passion ignites love and keeps it alive. Lasting passion does not come through physical attraction alone; it comes from deep commitment, enthusiasm, interest and excitement. Passion can be recreated by recreating past experiences when you felt passionate. Spontaneity and surprises produce passion. The essence of love and happiness are the same; all we need to do
is to live each day with passion.

The Tenth Secret - The Power Of Trust
Trust is essential in all loving relationships. Without it one person becomes suspicious, anxious and fearful and the other person feels wrapped and emotionally suffocated. You cannot love someone completely unless you trust them completely. Act as if your relationship with the person you love will never end. One of the ways you can tell whether a person is right for you is to ask yourself, “Do I trust them completely and unreservedly?” If the answer is “no”, think carefully before making a commitment.

Note:This post was originally posted by me on my very dear friend's blog Enlightenment.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Time And Distance-An Unpredictable part of Life!

Hey Wait! Here am not talking about any of the quant exercises or any mathematics chapter ,am talking about real life Time and Distance,sounds so very proportional to each other.

I was wondering and i found this that time and distance can change allot of things in life suddenly,random effects.In today's materialistic world people generally say this that "Money can buy time".But i don't feel so.May be u can buy time in a way of reducing your travelling time,as in, going by bus you prefer going by train or my plane,but this is something the tinest part or a very minute particle of any aspect and to make a statement that time can be bought. Time can never be bought.No matter hw rich a person is,Time will always be pricelss!

Time can build relationships,strengthen them but on the same time it can bring distances,disputes.
Time can be a dangerous element to take 'panga' with.It is such a big wagon wheel that it can rotate our whole world around in a second.Sometime its fun taking risks but sometimes its pathetic,it feels as if when this dreadful phase will get over and when again we gona see that ray of hope that shinning day.

If we talk about consequences than both have same consequences its just that time will always be more powerful than any sought of distances.Time brings in depressions,distances in relationships does the same but the effect of this is less,we can't predict time but we can predict distance so we cope up with it.

As i have alot negatively publicised time,so now it here comes some positive aspects.If time brings inn some distances than it brings inn some maturity also,it brings understanding in relationships,sometimes it rebuilds broken parts of life[relationships,an important part of lives].

So overall..Time,itna bura bhie ni hai..:D:)
It just a person should know how to play with it!



Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Boss!!

Allina's eviction was a big surprise to many people.

In context to all this scenario,it reminded me of one of the famous quote,but the author is anonymous.

"A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first."

Quote of the day!:-)

"Your smile is your first introduction."


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Unspoken Words..

She has always seen him as one of her closest friend.She doesn't have anybody else in her life accept him.She has always tried to share her low phase with him.In fact she has always tried to cheer him up whenever he felt low,she always felt bad whenever hes low with his life,whenever he felt lonely, she wanted to be on his side,she always supported him whatever ways she can,she never wanted him to feel alone.Her feelings were true,her gestures were real,she never fake but he always felt,he never trusted but she trusted him immensely, she was dependent on him,she thought no matter what happened,he'll always support him,she became sad when hes sad,she always wanted to be part of his life miseries because her friendship was genuine her care was pure.The words she spoke was never a lie,her each and every step was to protect him to make him feel happy,but he always misinterpreted her,her actions,she never wanted him to change,accepted him the way he is, but he misunderstood her,took her as granted,hurt her emotions,sometimes didn trust her..

I know he may have his own reasons, being hurt by world soo many times,n then suddenly just can't afford to trust anybody else,but life n people never are same,nice people never take soo much efforts to be part of somebodies life.

Life doesn't give chances again and again,in the fear of past experiences why to lose someone who is more affectionate n loving?? Loose yourself , free yourself,flow with life,why to be soo harsh with onself,,why??Why to make things complex,What to fear??When a friend of lifetime is here,,Strengthen your trusts,Vanish your fears,share your worries,share your life,and have peace,mental satisfaction...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quote of the day:-)

"Destiny decides who you meet in life but its only your heart that can decide who gets to stay in your life."

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This photograph is clicked by Tushar:-)

I just love it,its so very lively!!:-)


I am Bit Happy Today.

Big Boss!!!!!

Ajj ka to kyaa mast big boss ayaa..,,comedy he comedy..hehehe..Ye Raja chaye kitna bhi kamina hai,,par kabhi kabhar comedy to kar he deta haii..heheehhe..aurr yeh apne Rahul Uncle ko he dekhlo..hahaha..vo bhi thoda peeche rehngee..footage to unhe bhi lene haii..vo bhi to apni Pyare Payal ka pecha aise thoda na chodengee..hahaha..ab Monica chale gaye haii..koi to chaiyee flirt karne ke liyee..Payal ko kaise chodee..kise aur ke saath flirt karte ve kaise dekhlee...
mast thaa aaj ka tooo..Raja ne kyaa jealous kara Rahul koo...mei to has has kee lootpoot hogayee..hahahaahah
Mast thaaa...heheheh

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Party!!What’s the first thing come into our minds when we hear this word “Party”.?

Right! Dance,at least to my mind.!

So whats Party is all about?The 3D's. Drinking,Dancing Discotheque..?

Not exactly,Basically parties are2 refresh, to rejuvenate are lost energy.After working 5 days a week,exhausted people,bored people party just to to take break from there tiring schedule.

But have we ever noticed that, In this 21st century the basic idea of partying has changed.

Today’s generation party mostly every day,and why’l they’l not do so,,if they have given excessive finances to deal with it,obviously they'll indulge themselves.

Anyways its not about funding but its about they way they party.

Some believes in wild parties,some in milder parties some in theme..and some in sutta or that cocaine parties[sorry could'nt remember the actual name of these kind of parties:D]the more time is passing the more different kind of parties we tend to hear .

But ever we have thought that the way we party now is morally right.?The wildness, aggressiveness which we show is right?Nops,its not!

But the trend is changed,people don’t party just because they are tired, they party for fun,for flirting, for drinking,for show-offs.Not guys but many girls also becoming too extrovert and they are also indulging in all this,which is bit surprising,watching females getting soo wild,is bit weird.Guys have their trademark in partying soo restlessly but now girls also..bit strange.

Recently only that Patiala girls case happened few girls and 40 vodka bottles,,goodness me..!!!! I was wondering how can females be so unsophisticated,how can they goo so wild.Females are always considered to be more sensuous,elegant, cultured,, n more respect full than can they do this?

Where are country is heading towards?

If we analysis then,Western culture also have a great influence on us regarding these parties,all this sutta parties n all are imported from them only to our country,people find all this very interesting but in real its very destructive.people feel that doing this is a sign of high status or being very modern,but I don’t feel so,I think foolish people do so.

We people are soo busy in our lives that we have started living are lives blindly ,I mean we have forgotten that innocent charm of partying.Partying is eating dancing,a time to socialize,pampering ourselves but today it is a status symbol the more expensive discotheque the more your looked upon,the more u can spend on smoking, drinking,and Drugs the more rich you are,the more you can flirt with girls the more dude u look,whole scene is changed we ourselves have degraded this ‘party’ feel..

Sometimes these parties spoils lives of so many people,people tend to experiment with different cheap things and at the end, they end up spoiling there careers,may be sometimes lives..

Its sounds so unhealthy partying these days..its more of depression than of rejuvenation.

Its sad to see that, where we are heading towards,its surely not a better world.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In today’s world being academically weak is a curse?

This is a very often question which strikes in those students who are academically weak.

In today’s world of intellectuals and with a Tiff competition among each other weak students somewhere has lost an opportunity to get ahead. They are just dominated by intelligent sections of the society

If we analysis the ‘cons’ of being an academically weak ten its really a curse.An average student of 40%-45% stands nowhere according to the education policies of various universities.For ex if we take our own Delhi University to get into the good college a student should at least get 95%+ to get into the best known course or course of one's interest.

Getting 95%+ in 12th is obviously not a child’s play.Every student can’t have same level of intelligence or grasping power.

In the end students with average%or I should say below average stands nowhere,they end up taking admissions in correspondence or sometimes students gets so depressed that they end up taking their precious lives

There are times when seats are vacant in various institutes and people there just rudely say No to weak students,all this results in negative thought process of a children ,it results in a thought process of that only people with grey cells are respected in the society,weak people have no standing.

Sometimes, Students tend to feel so neglected n they start underestimating themselves wen they have to face such a rough n dry behavior of various institutes.And all this frustrations land up in personal lives too,parent’s taunts, their scoldings all this makes a person feels soo suffocated and it starts giving a feeling of killing oneself.

Parents too play a crucial role in all this scenario of academics.Their support to a child is a pillar.If they compare their children with other intelligent and talented children than a weak student will always feel degraded or demoralized.

They should support there children and understand their potential and they should not criticise them always for doing nil in academics.They should groom them in other best fitted fields,in which a interests of student’s lies. But all this doesn’t mean that they should become carefree towards academics,they should time time help them in there academics also,give them a doze of studying regularly not in stretch but of course in small intervals,they should not burden their children.

These days people don’t realize that everybody has a talent, some students discover that in themselves in a early stage but some can’t they need some time.People low with intellect powers basically are more talented,they have more God gifted qualities.

We are not here against intellects but we are here just emphasising that institutions should be soft in dealing with people who are weak,they should also give them an opportunity to prove themselves,they should be treated as equal, as respect full like other intellects of the society.

At the end I will rap up just by saying that there are huge group of students who are weak and feel this is a curse but I would just like to convey this have some patience and put in some hard work without taking too much pressure .And if possible communicate with parents, that there this attitude will not solve the purpose, rather its very depressing n demoralizing.

So take a chill pill and take a break from all the taunts n put in your hard work again with same enthusiasm n zeal n zest.

Life is all about ups n downs but we have to bounce higher n prove that we are very strong.:-):-).