Friday, August 28, 2009

Piece of Thoughts...

I really want to update my blog a long time back But couldn't do so. Finally today I am doing it or else whole lot of thoughts which are running inside will just get subdue. These days Thoughts gets subdue before the time I thoroughly realize them.
There is a lot many things going within me. A whole lot of Thoughts!! My Adernalin rush is on the peak but unfortunately some can be expressed and some cannot be..

- 2 days back when I was coming back from My class Suddenly I don't know what happened and I started worrying just because I didn't write anything from past so many days. I start fearing. Damn! All my vocab gonna lose... And I was Like What is going onn!!And Now I have decided I will scribble more often some thing or the either.

-I have to go and fill my MBA college form. Thankfully and Luckily I saw the forms details on time or else I would have missed it. Online buying and submission is already closed.

- I am worried about my Studying Schedule. I really wanna increase it. But I am not able to do it. I am so packed with so many things. Mon-Sat. I don't know How Ill set things on track now.

-People are these days becoming very Opinionated. They are not at all interested in understanding other's perspective . An X doing all this Shit, I can tolerate. But If Someone who is close to me, do it, It makes me Sad, disappointed, Hurt.

(I just came home and now sitting here and will get up once I finish this post. I have to publish this in the morning. 2 times light went off. I have to publish it now!!!)

- A Big Smile has to be brought on someone's Face . No matter what all clashes we share. But at the end"Smile tho Bante hai" :-)

-I Don't know why suddenly a thought of Losing pops up within me. When I started comparing something with other and I don't know what blaze in me which kept me disturbed.

When I analysed all this inside me I felt May be Because..

"Certain Times You know everything and then also You Fear Everything"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Frisbee Day! :D:D

It was totally a tiring day today. I went to my clg first, regarding some attestation,Gufff, Man!! From past 2 weeks all nonsense is going, Kabhi prinicipal nahi ata tho Kabhi kuch hojata hai. All this has totally stressed me. Finally today they have taken my form and asked me to come tomorrow and take the attested form! I came back around quarter to one. I was so tired till that time not physically but mentally, didnt have a peaceful sleep last night, woke up early and then all this college nonsense made me exhausted totally.

I came, I had a paratha and switched onn the television, surfed, didn't get anything relevant to watch switched off and slept. That sleep was such a Silent sleep. I don't know why that Time I could hear the silence within me.. I know its sounding bit weird, But at one point of my sleep..It happened Like this.

And then I saw my watch it was 1:55pm and at 2'o clock I have to leave. I was so damn sleepy that time But somehow I dragged myself because I was getting late for the class. I got up,washed my face, got ready, left Home.

And all this made me late today, I reached late to the advertising class. That too 20 mins..:D :D :D

Ok So now comes the suspense. Today we were discussing in the class of advertising of invention of Future Flying car. It was totally a random act. Our teacher asked for the name of the car, and discussion started. I was so tired and was listening them and then suddenly I popped up with the word 'FRISBEE'-The Flying Car..and everybody was Like....Ohki...and Maam just went to the board and names that car Frisbee. We had so much fun later and now we have to make a project reagrding all this advertising tools, keeping in mind all those 4 P's.It gona be very interesting, I am sure. :-).
Finally, Class got over. We were going back home.
As we take my bus from South Ex only. And I was hungry too so I took MC D's burger and My friend's had some Kalla Khatta!!!

I came home, Met 'P' had fun, giggled a lot. Shared our tid-bits. She shared her Life Tragedy and I shared Mine... Had Fun... :-)

But a very strange thing also happened today. One of my friend whom I don't know much neither she knows much about me.. said"Gauri ajj tera mood off lagraha, what happened" And I said: aisa kuch nahi hai..I am just tired and feeling sleepy..
But this made me think for a while though..Really Is there something which is bothering me..??

But anyway..
Later Half of the day was Good. :-). I had fun!!

And the Bad news is Tomorrow also I have to get up early, uhaaa!!!! Il have a very long and a very tiring, Busy and exhausting Dayyyyy!!!!
:( :( :(((

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday! :-)

Yippy!! Mere blog ka first Birthday!!!! :-) Ok Ok..There are lot of things I am gona scribble today:D
I am very happy I gave a New Look to My blog. Totally different. From past some days I was into all this template search which was tiring and then at last we choosed this one.
It is surely a great relief.
The other pleasant news is that Now I am gona be back to The blogger's World. I missed all bloggers and On this ocassion of my Blog's Birthday I wana say thanks to all my Blog followers and all my blogger Friends :-) :-)

And Now Comes...My Blog's Birthday Cake : ) : ) : )

Yippyyy.y...Yummyyy Cakee..... ;););)
Every Blogger friend of Mine has a share in it so nobody has to worry about it..:D:D:D

PS:I really wana say a big Thanks to Shankar for his Great Help. He was a great help to me in template searching and all advices.
Then I wana say Thanks to Pankhuri, Tushar, Devika, Abhishek. All these people really helped me with their opinions. Though They were some friends who did'nt even help me with their opnions also :( :(. But it's Ohki, it's a Happy Day and I am Happy :-)

And Anil Bhaiyaaa, I missed you where are you.....??

Thank you All!!
It's feels so Good to be back!