Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Colors splashed around
Sweets in the mouth
Excitement in the air
Celebration is on
Love is shared

But why I am so alone…



Sanghi said...

finally did something g00d... :-)

PS: you are still alone because you never shared your part of the sweets... ^_^

nikhil das said...

long time

u know , when i m alone i always go to terrace start seeing sky and look at those shining stars who we can see in night only but its doesn't mean that there are not with us in day .

happy Diwali to u and Ur family

wids loads of love and care

play safe

shadow said...

tried find you ,

bibhash k jha said...

with so many things around cud you be alone

Creativity!! said...

Good 2see u back :) :)


Its durin solace, we find our true selves.... :)