Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Being Insensitive (is not equal) Being Inexpressive..

Ya. Complex Heading and perplexed post it could be. This is something which I have felt very deeply and that's why all the opinions on this post is what I have felt and feel from the world. I have always thought that Why does people often say  ; I am inexpressive? Are they really? Or it's just their insensitivity which Leads them to say this? Or its Ego, which stops them to even connect with the other person at times? Or they are so very involved with materialistic values of Life and ignorant of the difference between what does insensitivity means and what does Inexpressive?

All these questions banged my head one day and when I gave it a thought I realized that most of the people who says I am inexpressive and just can't express themsleves are the sheer case of insensitivity, Which was disheartening to understand.

I have seen this very often, when a person hurts another person, the person(who hurts) never turns up and apologize. And when asked the reason why s/he didn't say sorry? The only Answer comes: I just didn't know what to express and what to say and how to say? Which is very inappropriate and unethical and insensitive to say this! If you are sensitive enough, you have various ways to convey your warmth to another person, If not with the ease or with some little hesitance but you do convey your regards.

Theres a very thin distinction between being Insensitive and being Inexpressive which generally people are unaware of ;
"Inexpressive person is a person who is so sensitive of its environment itself that s/he will not hurt anybody and not even showcase his/her hurts too."

But often people club things and to stay out of any guilt they name their insensitivity as their inexpressive attribute which is Highly immoral and impractical and feels that it will help them get rid of any guilt and forget to realise that it will rather  push them through high turmoil of  Life.