Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Unspoken Words..

She has always seen him as one of her closest friend.She doesn't have anybody else in her life accept him.She has always tried to share her low phase with him.In fact she has always tried to cheer him up whenever he felt low,she always felt bad whenever hes low with his life,whenever he felt lonely, she wanted to be on his side,she always supported him whatever ways she can,she never wanted him to feel alone.Her feelings were true,her gestures were real,she never fake but he always felt,he never trusted but she trusted him immensely, she was dependent on him,she thought no matter what happened,he'll always support him,she became sad when hes sad,she always wanted to be part of his life miseries because her friendship was genuine her care was pure.The words she spoke was never a lie,her each and every step was to protect him to make him feel happy,but he always misinterpreted her,her actions,she never wanted him to change,accepted him the way he is, but he misunderstood her,took her as granted,hurt her emotions,sometimes didn trust her..

I know he may have his own reasons, being hurt by world soo many times,n then suddenly just can't afford to trust anybody else,but life n people never are same,nice people never take soo much efforts to be part of somebodies life.

Life doesn't give chances again and again,in the fear of past experiences why to lose someone who is more affectionate n loving?? Loose yourself , free yourself,flow with life,why to be soo harsh with onself,,why??Why to make things complex,What to fear??When a friend of lifetime is here,,Strengthen your trusts,Vanish your fears,share your worries,share your life,and have peace,mental satisfaction...


Prashant Sree said...

Someone's Opening herself and hence the words flow out .,.

Nice expression of feelings !!


descrying the shadows said...

If only people were that simple re ... if only ...

Tshhar Mangal said...

i think i kno this guy

Kartz said...

That's part of life... Its worse when the other party does not realize/make out what you have for them.


PS: In the second line... It is 'except', not accept.

mysticalme said...

sometimes its difficult for people to express their feelings..and at such times udersatanding the silence becomes more important...

taking for granted..Yes people do!..but not trusting I dont agree...she is always there for him..this is the greatest contentment he may be having...some relationships are beautiful this way.just understanding each other silently..and be there for each other!!

Toonfactory said...

woww....there are people who take things for granted and never realize what they are losing by doing so....
Beautifully written...true feelings come from the depth of one's heart...and the writing itself becomes so beautiful that it touches every reader's heart....stumbled upon ur blog while browsing many blogs and let me confess have become a fan..too good for words...

Gauri Mathur said...

@Prashant..the she is not 'me' here..
vaise thanx:-)


@mysticalme,,thanx for your wonderfull opinion,il convey to 'she' for sure:)

@Tuhsar..achaa tum kaise jante hoo is ladke ko?

@Kartz,,thanx dost:-)


thanx a ton for your lovely appreciation:-)

take care guys...:-)
keep blogging:-)

Gauri Mathur said...


poorva said...

Im proud of you for having such noble and mature thoughts...I hope your "Unspoken words" are trusted dear

Gauri Mathur said...




THANX DEAR!!!!!:-)