Sunday, August 31, 2008


If yoU lose someone, who's genuine to you in every aspect,than u may not get that person back.
Life doesn't give chances again again. If a person is hurt by you many times, can bear your tantrums, can accept your ego and after all this, still cares,loves you,, ever thought why?? because that person values you,feels that you are an important person in that person's life.

No body wants to lose no one. Though the reciprocation is not the same but then also valuables are not meant to be lost like this,they are to preserve,but there's a saturation point of every thing and when it comes things becomes harder n sadder and the loss is much higher and regret is unbearable.

I have read somewhere that if efforts are taken to maintain relationships than that relationships are of no use,,but i feel sometimes, efforts are taken to settle down things, may be for betterment. But realisation of those efforts are also necessary,that too on tImE if not then the efforts are like a waste.
'Losing People is as easy as falling off a log ,Preserving shows Real guts!'


Average day overall.Filled with various emotions, basically negative emotions,which has dominated my positivity, may be because circumstances are like that from few days,not feeling good.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just a click!:-)

Just a click!:)

It feels good to be alone sometimes!:-)

Hehe..Everybody says..that we are lonely we want some companion..people dislike to be lonely ..but I don’t know.. am somewhere enjoying this loneliness.. I never thought this in my wildest of dreams that I ever gona enjoy this lonely phase of my life,,but I m. Being lonely gives u soo many have ample of time to waste in thinking various issues..,you can sleep more ten your regular schedule,you have time for yourself.u can indulge yourself in something creative something which v left in r childhood,v can renew our childhood hobbies memories,, And these days m doing d same..m thinking m sleeping n m eating..n writing also..[vaise this writng part is all because one of my close friend] Here am not toking about external loneliness,,here m toking about tat internal satisfaction of having protective,trustworthy,caring people round us..tat is lost somewhere..thou I have some.. as in.. my family,which will always be with me,..i don know about the rest.[close friends] I always had a handful f ‘friends’ thou my contacts[ hie-hello friends] were always been a lot]I never felt this way,but now tings r changed,people r changed, surroundings r changed sum times I feel my entire world is changed so now m changed,.. I have accepted tat life wants me to b alone fr sometime n wants me to spend time with myself ,understanding sum very essentials facts of my life which I overlooked. Life took a such a big U turn tat,my greatest of friends sometimes I feel they r changed,,may b situations, circumstances..i understand sum of them because they r clearly stated in front of me n I don have any complains with tat..but sum are still understated n I m unable to find a valid reason fr I have accepted tat also tat time does'nt want me to know certain tings at this point..I usto have many fears earlier regarding various tings,everybody has it..but now I feel m over with those fear feelings to sum extent.I have realised it tat living in fears will never solve purposes it will just erode your present n may be future.. But d interesting ting is this tat wen m lonely from within,people r more attracted towards me, in terms of being friends with me,in past few days I made few nice fiends[I am hoping tat r really nice..] n they don’t leave me alone..i mean wen I think all this..i cant find out d reason tat wt exactly life wants from me..!! But whatever ,,m going through various learning process ,going through various experiences,n m liking it! I have learned how to cope with life wen people leave you at d middle of d deep ocean. Though I miss everything which I left back.. d saying is ‘nothing is forever’,,may b its true..such is life dearies.
As I n optimism both r inseparable so I hope tat i'll b out of all this soon…!!![ goodness me, I hope terribly,such an big optimistic I am]

Friday, August 29, 2008


Ajj mood nahi hai kuch update krne ka.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ajkal itne bure din chalrehe hai ki agar kiseko miss karehe hai to usse 'Miss you' bhi ni likh sakhte.

21st Centuary

Saala..ajj ki duniya mei emotionally attach hna ek sin sa hgya hai..iss 21st modern centuary mei agar galte se bhie kise se attch hojao to ek crime he hta hai lagbhag. Koi kise ki care ni krta bus sab dukh dete hai. 20 ki hogaye huu aur duniya valo ne yeh sekhaya hai,,kise go agar apna mano to vo granted he lega end mei...yeh to hamare duniya hai modern 21St cEnTuArY ki,sab log selfish.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Losing ..

I dont know,i ws lying on sofa n suddenly got tis feeling that m losing sumthn and that made me low. I ws already very tired n this feeling made me more dull. Aj ka din already bahutt hee Vahiyat tha.

Love or Infatuation?

As I don know wt love is so I cant cum out with deeper meanings,bt till now wt life has taught me by knowing various incidences I feel tat love is left far behind, its just infatuation which has strengthen his position in today's world. These days relationships r on fake terms r v can say temporary basis tat is have a crush on somebody fr a sometime ,use that person n just finished it off…which is often termed as infatuation at the end.

The most easiest part is to get in to these kinds f relationships but must difficult part is to deal with d consequences of such relationships, People once heart broken,becomes too hard,cold,,there perspective changes n be cum numb. N wen this situation arises d situation f depression takes his seat..which is dangerous.

If we see are environment,every then n now r friend's comes up with d prob tat ,v broke off,,n v r upset ,tat person did this n all..n v give them a simple advice of move onn,,n v flash sum beautiful dialogues n finally v r done with d,,formality of being friend's ,,n v feel tat its sufficient,,v r done with r job..

But d person who's suffering knows,,how it feels wen heart breaks,,n how long time will b taken to recover frm such a brutal hurt,. N at tat time person feels there's no love only pain n whatever was it it ws a mistake ,,a infatuation.

Here also persons thinkin does'nt end up,,he started gettin pulled off from relationships..,starts makin boundaries n at d end love theory is vanished n rude,selfish world theory is activated.

I know there would be people who r in serious relationships, n they must have a strong believe in this love part n I really wish loads f good look fr there future n God Bless them with same love n tender care in tere relationships, but tese days majority is f heart broken people n its increasing day by day an finally it is resulting in creating a mind set f infatuation n hatred among people..n discouraging people to get into any kind f relationships.. which will,, at d end not result in a healthy outcome..

So we people should be bit genuine fr others n help them not to form such opinions by takin a a very first step from ourself only tat if v genuinely like sum1,,ten only v should approach tat person to get into any relationships n should try n carry out it till d end with full trust,loyalty,care n a genuine love..:-) so v can have a better world tomorrow n healthy perspectives tomorrow.:-).

Note:This post was originally posted by me to one of my dear friend's personal Blog, Musings

Monday, August 25, 2008

What changed you???

You know I care for you,
You know am somewhere dependent on you,
You know I count you in one of the special persons in my life,

But suddenly what happened??

Y u doing this,
What changed you soo much!??
That now u don't even show your concerns,ur friendly love...
U were never so inexpressive ,wt changed you suddenly,

Is time has changed you soo much that u forget me??
Is new people around you have become soo important that u r wid tem all the time n don't get time for me,
Life has become
soo busy that u r soo occupied that u don't even get a time to ring me n ask, hw r you dear friend???

If its all because something is bothering you, than share with me,
ease u,ill make you feel happy,
il make you realise hw important you r to world, to me,
make you feel gud..

But,please break this Silence,it sometimes, makes me uncomfortable,
this dry,rough behavior upsets me...
U were never like this...

What happened,wt changed you so much ???

Saturday, August 23, 2008



Mjhe tension horehe hai,thode restlessness bhie, m worried,pata nie kya hne vala haii,itna sab kch lose karne ke baad! Lets c!

I am Doomed

Yesterday result came,i never expected that i wud score soo low,but i did,it ws a depressing moment bec now i wud nt be able to give my entrance exam CAT a very important exam fr MBA aspirants. I am never sad for marks,i hav seen alot of ups n downs in context to marks,but that day,i ws sad for 2 tings,i wsnt eligible for CAT n my parents were sad. They always wanted their Children to b as brite as others n wich we r not. Its not that tey always pressurise r burden us wid their extraordinary dreams,our parents r very casual n supporting parents but it feels bad to realise that one door of success is closed for their daughter. I am a person wos hardly depressed with this marks scenario,this time i jus wanted to score a bit high so i cud give CAT but destiny has store sumthn else for me. My friends cald me n started giving their sympathies ,wich i really didn want[i ws expecting sumbdies cal so as to cheer my off mood, but it didn came],its a part of life, what matters to me at that time was my parents happiness n wich i ws unable to full fill. I ws tokin to my moma yesterday evening n i ws teling her d same ting that m nt sad that i scored soo low m sad bec i may nt b ble to give CAT n tat time my moma very enthusiastically said,y nt ul b! n I kno tat time il nt b,n may be sumwhere my moma also,it ws just her motherly love n hopes for her daughter,but hw can we neglect the truth,v hav to accept it today r tomorrow.
When the year started,[dont kno had a feeling of that tis year may not b a fruitful year ahead] i prayed to God whtaever will b the year ahead for me,i jus want 3 months of my life this year to b smooth,i.e my birthday[wic ws dull],ten my result[wich ws low too] n leftover month is november[wen hav to give CAT,wich m nt giving now]

Today also this feeling ws haunting me n it made me low fr time being but i met my Dear firend'P' n i really felt better n then now i have also learnt to cope up wid d depreesed part of life.
But this whole incident hav made me realise one very important thing that as child its much easier to cope up wid various depressing moments but as we grow up things changes n it becomes tuffer to cope up r live up wid low moments.
I still hope for a positive future.

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom."

Friday, August 22, 2008


I am missing a very dear friend of mine,it feels bad when people suddenly stop caring for you without any reason.

21st aug 2008

Today i changed my display pik also,pata nie mana kara aaj to change karde,mjhe aache lagee,though d sun is setting,par bolete hai na agar sun set ni hga to new day ki shuruvat kaise hgee aur naye opportunities kaise milnge,[vaise yeh thot bhi aya hai pik lagate time ni aya tha,randomly lagai.color combinatioon pasand aya tha us time:D]

abhi bahutt kch likhna chaite thee,actually m filled wid loads of emotions n really wana pen down but pata nie flow ni banraha hai ab,isliye m raping up now. Leaving it here only.

Kal dekhte hai,kaisa rehta hai mood r kitna flow banta hai shayd,mei kal apni diary se yeh suspense na rakho:D

aaj ke liye itna he..

Pehle to yeh ek bahut beautiful quote laga jo mei share karehe hu..
Aur yeh shayd kafe hat tak true he hai..
Tey r very certain people wo r ment for us for lifetime n those are really very precious God gift to us:-)
People often think this hw do we know this tat tey r ment for lifetime,ten i hav only one answer for this.Heart speaks everythng, check ur heart for the ans,ul definately get:-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008



Asusal My unpredictablE result is out.

20th aug2008

"Pata nahi jo log hamse kareeb hote hai vo achanak se distances ko banalete hai,ek bar bina ye soche ki dosre insaan par kya beethege,bina yeh jane ki uss insaan ki kya importance hosakhte hai uss dosre insaan ke life mei,,Kheir ye to mre sooch hai..!"

Nywys to mere aj ka din soote soote nikhala.I wsnt well,slept throut the day:D:D.Went to 'P's place,had fun,ten also met sum of the frnz in evening [school frnds],actually i hav to return one of my frnz umbrella.

Bus yehe raha ajj..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ab finally mere zindage ka ab ek mentally stressful hissa 'D'[aarey bhaie yeh koi D company ni hai, name of a person]jo mera deemag aajkal bahutt khata haiii,m frustrated..eewwww!!!!!!

Pata nie kab mera deemag kahan chodega r emotional blackmail drmae krna...!! M fed up!

19 Aug 2008

hmmm...mera aaj ka din bahut hee tirng thaa...:( 10:30 uttee,12 baje out frm house for my class,ten seminar,goodness me,thak ke margaye ,8'0 clock vapiz aayee tuuti phutte halat mei:D,my legs were paining,mere papa ka ajj Birthday bhie ,cousins already aye ve the,,thode masti kare par bahut tired thee aur hungry bhie to kch khaya pehle aur pir aise idhar udhar gumi ghar mei,jyada active nie the r bus abh..jakar tunn hokar sojaounge:D,acche neend ane vale hai vaisee bhie:-)
Uhmmmmm,,,aur kch to kch special hua nie ajj,bus yehe normal routine ..arrey mera result bhie ni aya hai bhi tk,thode tensn hrehe hai:D.

Chalo aaj bus itne hee Gudnyt:D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As i was sitting and wondering that what made me put my blog name unpredictable life only at one thought,then i realised that life is unpredictable, at least mine is very much. I have gone through various unpredictable incidences,from betrayal of a dear friend to b suddenly left alone,results,marks,everything,sometimes i feel that i have flavored most of the ingredient, every thing, Suddenly and i don't know whats more is store inn for me,i know there are still bagful of things that i have not faced yet[in the category of unpredictable] and I really pray that i don't face them,but who knows what tomorrow brings to you. Anything can happen anytime!
Sometimes its fun being unpredictable but sometimes not,its scary, in fact it develops fears. And I think now am developing that i really don't want to but unfortunately i am.

Hmmmm,to yeh the mere kahani,unpredictable ki:-)

Reason behind d green background:D

Arrey bhaie,,aisa koi itna bada razz ni hai iss green color ke peeche vo to mjhe pasand agaya too rakhliya green background,aur kya reason hgaa..vaise to mjhe black bhie pasand araha thaa..par green is better:-)
So here goes my first post:-)

Dear diary u know why I love this display picture of mine so much n I display every where i feel i can? Because I find this angel very innocent,see, the way she has hold this wand in her hand, that blue crown,tat shinning pink diamonds..hehe.. n see shes smiling so sweetly,its so soothing seeing it:-) I know,am talking like a baby,par ke fark peinda hai kabhi kabhi bachee bane mei:D


This blog will contain entirely my thoughts,my views,it would be like my personal diary.Another dear friend of mine from whom I'll share my daily routine.
I would not be able to create this personal blog,if i would have not got encouragement from one of my very dear friend. I'll always be thank full to him because from him, i have learnt allot.
Thank you.