Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All within me!

There is a fight between negativity and positivity
I am on the positive side
My mind is on negative side 
but I am blessed with positive soul
Positive is what I am!
What I'll be!
Irrespective of how many negative thoughts comes and goes
Almighty is there to take care of my negativity
And change it to positive flow!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hub dub*

Sometimes in your life it happens that you feel lost in some event. This event has made such a great impact on you that one feels like submerging in it till the time one can. (Yes here I am indicating a positive event)

Yes same has happened with me.

A feeling I can't express
But I want to express
It's a happiness with in me
I want to share

I want to shout and tell
How it feels
How It was!!

Yes I want to be lost in yesterday
Till a promising today comes
I will wait
Yes I will wait!
For a much closer and promising today!
For a much closer together stay!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Does every post need a title?

Why this feeling hits me again and again!

I don't like this feeling..
I don't want this feeling

Why this feeling comes back to me

That people don't understand me!!

Since a kid this feeling come back after a time again and again..


I don't want this!!

It's not peaceful!!

I don't want this feeling :(

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I think too much :D!

We all primarily think to be monetarily independent.

You ask a question why you want to work and they say because we want to be monetarily independent.
But the questions arises that is being monetarily independent more important than being emotionally independent?
  Or it’s like; First money comes then emotions?

Or we never think about our emotional needs when we should.

What I have learned, a person has to be emotionally dependent first. If you can handle your emotions well nobody can slide you down.

If you are dependent too much on somebody you are in danger of hurting yourself and if that person doesn’t respect or understand this fact that he/she is the person whom we chose to be dependent on out of those 1000 people because of trust and love we have on them then it’s upsetting too.

But such is life dearies..

Some are lucky; some are about to be lucky; some wants to be lucky !  :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yes I do!

 I do crib
But only person I crib with, is you!

I throw tantrums
But only to you!

I don't think much 
when I share with you!

It's truly me
When I am with you 

But have you ever thought why only you!!

Because, I trust you
I know, no matter what

You understands me the best
You love me the best
You are there for me *

To hold me,when I fall.
To scold me When I overdo

I love you! 

  *( I am there for you too)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Childhood+memories+Fun= two extra hours in a day!

If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?
(This is the topic in one of the competition)
Here is the attempt to pen down my thoughts on this topic!

Life is so interesting that 24 hours a day also tends to be less for us! We want to do 1000 things a day! Sometimes we fall short of time and sometimes our daily routine leave us doing nothing!
Such us life dearies!!

But if some miracle happens and 2 hours is added in our 24 hours! I shall be a detective!
After all who don’t want to be a Sherlock Homes! Isn’t it?
Now you must be thinking suddenly why detective? When everyone wants to sleep and do something creative like painting, sketching, etc. I would have chosen it that too to do but detective would be rather more interesting job and as I said who don’t wants to be a Sherlock homes. After all our childhood is spent reading his stories only.
Anyway I was saying I’ll not be an ordinary detective! I want to keep an eye on every bollywood gossip! Like recently, Aishwarya delivering her baby on 11-11-11 or not? 
Or is Bipasha basu dating Shahid kapur or not! I’ll collect all such gossips! May be some Hollywood gossips too like how’s the chemistry going between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? What was the reason why Braddy divorced Jennifer Ainston? I know it may be sounding bit filmy but that’s how it is!
This way 2 purposes will be solved there would be some fun in life apart from that monotonous routine and second I can meet some great people like Mr Amitabh bachchan and from Hollywood Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Yes some may think that this may be some stupid idea to pursue! But the fact is 24 hours is more than enough for being stupid! We run for all those materialistic comforts and forget there still lives a child beneath whom we have almost suppressed!
There’s an instance coming in my mind; In younger age when someone us to ask us what you want to be when you’ll grow! We use to have such answers only. Detectives, dhobiwala, etc! Why? Because as kids their work use to fascinate us! But now as we have grown we have forgotten those childhood memories!
Therefore here I have tried recalling some of my childhood thoughts and chosen to bring that fun back by choosing to be detective if 2 extra hours are there in a day!

Monday, November 7, 2011


You are surfing your facebook account and suddenly you see a photograph of your friend and submerge yourself in some nostalgia. You realize then nostalgia can be dangerous too when you know this friend of yours had hurt you badly or have forgotten your friendship because of some new friends!

And then also some old beautiful memories hits you and You think that it's been so long we can be friends again...we can talk and sought out misunderstandings in a better way..because now we are grown ups..

But ego doesn't permits!

And the interesting part is ; It's not ego(which is generally mistaken as), it's 'just' ego!

Such is life dearies!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Every woman in this world has to fight against her rights initially.

Later for love,trust,commitment, injustice done to her.

But the question is why always a woman. ?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome winters!

Breezy nights are back!
A cold wave can be felt!

Morning laziness is hitting
Love for hot coffee with extra chocolate has become favorite now

Lovers seen walking hand in hand
Season of Love,
Winters are back!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

About me?

When I read people's about me
I get in to flow
to write about me

Then I open word,
I keep wondering
what is about me

I think,And think
And think 
But still can't think 
what to write about me

Is this because I am too complex
Or because I don't know about me

After thinking for hours and hours
I could only write
My name is Gauri Mathur
Is it all about me?

(This is very very random poem. But thoughts expressed are very true. It really happens whenever I sit down to write something about me. I experience the handicap of expression. I can write about anything but funnily not about me! :-))

Such is life dearies!


Sunday, October 9, 2011


 People are so sick! They behave so insensitively and so bloody impulsively!

( Ops! I just forgot! It’s so come naturally to them! If they are insensitive to humans they can pretty be insane with animals!!!)

They abuse dogs, unnecessarily, as if, they understand or they even care!

 They harm puppies!! Imagine!!!Puppies!!!

 They are just 2 months old! How can they even harm them! But these people are so dumb ***, they don’t understand this! That the dogs are natural scavengers, they have equal right to live on this planet earth the way they have!

Dogs or their babies never harm you until you harm them .It’s not only with animals it’s with humans also. Until you don’t misbehave with humans they don’t retaliate. But these people are sick! They are just so appropriately insane. They harm puppies, abuse them. Feel proud of it! Bloody shit!!!

I really sympathies these brainless creatures! God Bless them!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My favorite star!

Up above the sky
The solitaire in the sky
Is my favorite in the sky

Everyday in the night it appears
the lucky solitaire in the sky

I gaze to it
I pray to it
I make wishes to it

As it's the one of it own in the sky!

:-) :-)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't worry, if you are imperfect , you are not criminal!

I don't understand why people are so obsessed with being perfect! Is there any award assigned for people who'll be perfect?Or they are competing with Google! :O

In this world you don't have to be perfect,because perfect kills the fun! You got to be smart to do your work rather than being perfect and forcing that perfectness on the world. 

It's just so chill chill equation ;

Do your work ,make mistakes, learn,don't make it next time!

Its so simple! 

Why to make it complex, man!

Half of the world is busy correcting others, pointing others mistakes, Cursing them as imperfect human beings!

As if they are perfect police of the world and holds the duty of making everybody perfect! They don't even know that they themselves are disillusioned with the word perfect!

Why don't people take it easy and relax! We have a right to be imperfect. Don't we!?

If someone is not, so called perfect, as you are, then it's your problem not the person whom you are cursing!

 If you are imperfect, you seriously aren't a criminal. Trust me! You are acting normal and behaving like a fit human being. You can take your own time to understand the world. You can be slow, you can be damn slow!

We all are imperfect and because we are imperfect that's why life comes to us with a new experience everyday. 

We learn everyday, we grow everyday!

Cheers!! : )


Saturday, October 1, 2011


He is Loving
He is caring 

He has so much love to spread
He is such a gentle man

When he pens down his thoughts
It seems so perfect
It sounds so blissful

His touch is so comforting
I can cry all my sorrows
He will be my listener

His gestures makes my eyes wet
His emotions makes my heart goes Hub Dub*

He is strong
He is my pillar

He is wonderful
He is awesome
He is truly one of his self
He is incomparable!


Friday, September 30, 2011


Why it happens when we are sad everything around suddenly appears sad.
Facebook statuses,movies, songs?

Why it happens when we watching a emotional movie we start crying badly?

Why it happens when we are sad of something all sadness arises simultaneously?


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dream Big!

Dreams are such an important part of our lives. We here are because we hold the power of dreams. These dreams are like vitamins. We need them to grow.
I also dream like any other individual. In fact I am sometimes a day dreamer. I never really had concrete dreams(dreams which I can feel of making real) in my younger age of life say;12th standard or my graduation days. 
But as I am growing I have understood ; 
Dreams are like bundle of unreal ideas.
Ideas like What we want to be,what we want to achieve. What are my goals.? How a Life should be?
 Today when I am in my post graduation days I realize the essence of dreaming and feeling the depth of it. And I really feel I missed all this before. It's such a wonderful motivational perspective to life.

The most difficult part of dreams is How to change this unreal to real world. 

One has to widen his/her horizons to get somewhere. To work hard,rather.

I can say this because my mind has started working that way. I can connect to my dreams,MY dreams! I can feel them in within and believe them to become real one day!
You do dream alone but the interesting part is you want to knit your loved ones in this process of weaving!

And as it' said; Dream big!
Truly everybody should! You never know when you hit the jackpot with the world which is hidden within you!
Dreams are like powers given to we humans. They are natural spotlights to us, now it's up to us how useful we can make out of these spotlights.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Commitment is not about simply saying yes and no
And keeping the promise!
It’s about believing and trusting wholeheartedly.
You feel hurt when person questions that trust and believe.
And you feel little dishearten because you have given your 110% and that has been challenged!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :):):):):)

Hope you had a Beautiful Day!!!

Loads of Love.

XOXO!!!! :):):)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes..I'm stupid...!

Sometimes when you don't want to ask somethings,
You land up asking same thing,

Sometimes you don't want to hear alot of things
You land up hearing those things

Sometimes when you want to prove yourself
You land up proving nothing
Sometimes when you want not to be misunderstood
You land up misunderstood 
Sometimes when you don't want to make a person angry
You land up doing so..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I don’t want, what world wants me to be! I’ll ‘be’ what I want to be. My innocence is not harming them. Therefore, they should not bother about my maturity. I’ll be the way, I am built, I am blessed with. This is my Karma. And I’ll be like this.
                                                                                   ~~--- Anonymous.~~