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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nature's Shower!

Lying on the bed,
Background Music
Was Rain Droplets
Filled with a very soothing
Smell of wet Earth

Woke up from the Bed
Went to the balcony
Took my hand out in the
vast Grey Sky
Felt the Amazing breeze,those
Tiny powerful Droplets

Want to go and Dance in the Rain,
Want to touch those
Wet beautfiful Smelly

Nature looks so pretty,
Green Green all around
Trees Look new
Sky Looks so fresh
Oh Lovely Lovely Tiny Powerful droplets!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Women-Treated like an instrument!?

After a long time I am penning down some thoughts and starting it with a very famous Quote only by Shirley Chisholm

‘The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, "It's a girl."

I was talking to my friend yesterday and we were talking on very sensitive personal issue of her life and I realized that Where do women stand? Everybody shouts here and there that Women are given equal opportunities and equality in this world. Women are reaching to higher new worlds, but the real fact is that Women are still under covers. If we see there are very few women who have make it to the top, it’s about professionalism and that too we only know the media stories, how they achieved and all. People still are not aware of the hidden stories, how strong they have to become to reach to that level, how they fought with the male group,better known as Chauvinism(of course not verbal or violent fight, a professional fight, politics and all)

Achieving Great heights doesn’t prove Women to be treated equal or a part of equal society. Is It?

‘One of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to a man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man.’

In today’s world Women go through such mental stress not only in professional front but also in personal front. Men never go through such fronts. A woman sacrifice and compromises every then and now. Men and their Ego, they never do so.

Men once leaves house with a relief of being no more responsible and leaves everything for Women to do. She cooks, take care of the family, and take care of her Children and her job, everything. And What Men do, Goes to office, Work, Dominate female colleagues.A Indian men cannot See women grabbing more rewards. This is what life they live.

In personal Life, they can use abusive languages to them, can be violent with them. They take advantage of Women being less masculine. Take advantage of their emotions.

But they have never stand for Women’s Right! Have they ever been? No! What a hypocrisy it is!? Can shout but cannot support!

My friend who’s father had an Extra marital after having 2 children, he had an affair..

And when the wife confronted him He offered a blank Cheque!! This is the way women are treated. What the hell man..!!

How the woman felt that time..!? She must have been shattered, and what about the children, they must have felt so left alone a father doing this, the trust the respect, all must have vanished. What women go through when the male act so irresponsibly or i should say rediculously like this?! Nobody can even understand this Except Woman herself!!

Women are still entangled with those big chains: they are bounded with religion, castes, and traditions. Men are not! But why? They don’t have to follow traditions or so?

Indian Women are brought up like this only. ‘Pati he parmeshwar’ types, there thought process has limited flow of teaching. Do Males deserve all this wholehearted respect? So much of pampering!?

Anybody can bellow that women have the right to do this and Blah blah blah. But reality is something else? It’s all gimmick. We see something and its something else.

This is only one case we know about it, there would be 1000 cases like this,

Where women have sacrificed everything after being under such a tremendous mental stress just because of her children and of public image (Family). If women do such thing, men can just blast and shout, putting disgusting allegations, insulting badly and next step divorce.

Is this the Way Women should be treated!? We celebrate Women’s Day for this..?

Why Such inequality?

‘Women is treated like an instrument, rather than an ornament.’

The above quote very well justified what all women go through!

This is only urban phase. So now we can think how worst would be Rural. Where everyday a drunken man comes home and beat her wife. Spend all of his jewels in gambling. After all this people say that Women has a 'say' in the community..Strange!??


I just Rap up my post by the last quote which in itself sums up everything.

‘I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me na├»ve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman. ‘

(No No people am not celebrating any belated Women’s day or so, It’s a Random thought, Random feeling and a random scribbling.)

PS:I am not feminist neither I hate men!

Read it with a Heart not with a mind of doing auto biopsy. I am again emphasizing, Its just a random scribbling .


Will love to read your views for sure:)

(Quotes displayed are taken from various sites)

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Random 25! ;)

Finally this Tag Comes on My Blog too!
I Love my name ‘Gauri Mathur.’ I’ll make it Big of My Name one Day.

People find me mysterious but the fact is ‘A Good Complicated book can only be understood if its read from the beginning, not with in the lines/ pages.’

I am religiously inclined ,share a very warm relationship with God. I believe in Karma and Moksha.

I am emotional person by nature, but life has taught me how to be emotionally practical.

I don’t keep regrets, keep no grudges, live life as it comes. I like reading short articles ,loves listening music, dancing, coloring, sometimes.

I am inexpressive too. I keep my feelings to myself only.

I love spreading happiness among people, specially among old people.

I like serving people, whatever way I can.

I make friends easily but they are very few who make it to my heart.

I just cant tolerate selfishness and black hearted people. To a certain point I can tolerate hypocrisy for a second but not black hearted people.

I am very calm person from within, hardly get angry, but when I get angry, it’s a worst thing a person can ever see.

I am forgetful, but the magical thing is, I can/ remember past 10 year back memories also. I am good at numbers and different paths(way). Once gone from one road, it records in my brain.

I love traveling in train, sitting at window site and gazing outside the window, I just adore sceneries.

I am organized, I want things to be at the same place they are picked from.

I am a mixture of 3C's. Cautious,Consious,I dont say things if I dont mean it. and Lastly Caring.

I like going on long drives, spring season is the best season of mine. I love rain.

I am moody, am choosy but still knows life is all about sacrifices and compromises.

I am very protective about my mother. But that doesn’t mean I am not attached to my father and brother, I love them too. I am very attached to my grandmother also.

I am not materialistic. I value people more than money. I am sensitive enough to understand this.

Loves spending on clothes ,shoes, earrings and gifts for my closed and loved ones.

I can hide my tears easily.Smile will always be there on my lips.:)

I have always been the tallest among my friends and have always enjoyed that importance and celebrity look by people.

Very few people know that am patient for rest of the things but has no patience in any sought of waiting.

I am born optimist. I am B+.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

When these days Gona be over...

I don't know whats going on these days with me. I am not able to scribble down these days. I generally pen down my thoughts when I feel things,when I am emotional,When I go through Rush of feelings,I mean I write whenever I feel Whats going within me,sometimes,I couldn't do that also,because I am inexpressive with my allot of thoughts,feelings.But these days,I have become so dry,I mean,I don't know,I am not able to express anything. I am not able to Collect my thoughts on paper..

I Have realised it,they are only very few Who can understand you and can interpret you in the best possible way.Rest will never Understand you.I have started keeping most of the things inside me,and its Suppressing day by day..

I am Stressed.I am tensed.I am worried.I don't know what all I am carrying at the back of my Mind and day by day its getting suppressed. I don't wanna Stop writing, At one point I decided to say Goodbye to Blogger world,But I couldn't do that,I love My blog,I love reading others blog,I just don't wanna stop Writing.

I just Pray I get over with all this Soon..

I was Never Like this..