Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random 3! :)

Sitting near the tree
Thoughts occupy me
A Miss you Sound Pops out with in!
Feel Like sharing it with you
Then Felt Like Keeping it With Me.!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Random!

Tommy- A Street Dog!
He is Mithhoo!! The sad thing is He doesnt know how to fly:( Yesterday He came out from his cage and fell down and then couldn't fly. Later, papa went and picked him up, or esle he would have been eaten by a cat or a dog.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Clickyy!!!!! :D

Yupp!!! The Windchime and my room curtains are of same color,Coincidently!!!!!:-):-)
!!!!!! ;);)
:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:D:D:D:D:D ;);););)Haan Raat ka yehe scene hota hai..
Bed par Kitabeh hote haii
aur aakeho mei Neend hote haii,
Aur Pir, .....
Book Khulte haii...
Pir band hojate hai aur..
Goodnight Hojate haii..
Yeaa...Me In some soch vichar vala mood

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

She+He=Love :-)

Love is Addiction
We want it,
We don't want it

When we are young
Crushes become Love
When we grow up
A casual Relationship Becomes Love

But When we get Mature,
Love Is Unconditional, Soul touching Experience,
Full of vibrant Hopes, Full of Enthusiasm, No matter,
What all Difficulties has to be faced,
Love is Pure, Love is Divine.

It's a feeling which Mesmerizes our Soul,
Love heals the wounds,
And Freshens the Soul

Love is a state of giving,

You, Your Ego, Your Life
But It Is not the state of Being get exploited
It's just Simply 'She' and 'He'

Love- "We want to be With it and It stays till the time we are with it" - G.M

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Morning Call ;);)

Morning 10:45 got a call from;

Sid: Hey Gauri I want you to be ready by 11:30.
Me- why?? What happened??
Sid:just get ready. You, Me, Satya and Sneha going somewhere.
Me: Where??
Sid: Surprise.
Me: Hmm??

I called him again and says sorry I cant get ready its very early..and I just woke up also and I have a class also..Its not possible for me to make out, and then
Sid: Ill drop you to your college also, Now get ready fast and said Bye. and then he hung up the phone and
Me: (was Like)..Damn!! How to get ready in 30 minutes??

But I got ready Finally!! And He came at 12 to pick me.

Me: Now tell where all we going??

He didnt tell us then also? Then we met;

Satya: (Shouting) where the hell we are going? I have to attend the party. Sid Tell us where we going?? He didnt tell us then?? I was like ohk..
Sneha: Same reaction..


We in the mid way came to know that we all are going to Humayun's Tomb and We were Like!!!

Satya: I have to go to the Party!!You gona screw up everything...
Me: I have a classss...How will I reach on time?:(
Sneha: We gona be late???

And Sid..No No..!!! Everything gona be on time..

After shouting so much. We reach to the venue and went inside..

and what we notice.. It is beautiful..The weather too was unbelievably pleasant. We just had awesome time.There were Peacocks...Tombs, greenery..everything was too good.
I mean it was great fun to be there.:-):-)

And then we decided that We should visit this place again....and on the same time Lets move..we are getting late.(a voice comes from Satya)

Satya..: I am getting late for the party. Friends waiting on cake cutting ceremony..
Me: Getting late for the class...Sid challll.......
Sneha:Hum late horehe haii, chalooo...

and Sid..Ohk ohk... and then we moved, It was 1:25 and I have a class at 1:30..hahaahhaah...
Satya had a cake ceremony at 1:30..Sneha was getting late...
Crazy naa!!!

I am still laughing...At one point we are enjoying and at the same time we are worried for our scheduled plans...hahaahahaha..

I was late by 30 minutes for the class....yeh tho expected thaa heee...hahahaha
Thankfully teacher agreed, and I was able to attend the class..:):)

But at the end of the day...It was totally Fun filled trip, no matter everybody got late, But Sid...made our day with this memorable Surpirse..:-):-)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Chiggy Wiggy.. :D:D

I just want to update something so I am scribbling anything. It can be of no sense but can't Help it. I just wanna update something. Actually I want to write a poem from so long but Words are not clicking so Dropped the idea. But Updating randomly anything.

I am listening the new song of movie Blue-I wanna chiggy wiggy wich oo.." I guess these are the Lyrics..Funny na..:D:D. Oh Man!! But whatever it has some kind of uplifted my mood..:D:D
This movie would be good I think and so many other are releasing this Diwali. I wanna watch all. I wanna watch Aladdin too. :D:D

...Kare Chiggy wiggy sang soniye..lalala...Kare Chiggy wiggy..oh aja chiggy wigy..Oye Oye!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chuskiyan Zindage kii..:-):-)

Yarr..bahut kam haii..bahut padna haii..ajakal tho aise feeling ate hai kabhi kabhi ki 24 gante bhi kam hogaye haii..zindage jeene ke..Uff...I was on off for two days tho kuch lagraha hai hum bhi insaan hai hamare bhi koi Life hai vrna tho zindage ek dum..Hectic se hogaye hai..Uffff!!!
Ajkal subeh mera din 7'o clock start hta hai..matlab 12th ke baad kabhi 7 baje nahi uttee aur ab..7 baje utto..class jao..aao pir agar tab tk bache ho zinda tho padlo vrna brk fast thusu aur sojao..utto pir clas jao..Uff..!!
Yeh Behrehem zindage kab tk exams le gee..( I know Dialogue) :D:D
2 din off par the laga jannat hai..aur ab kal utto jao class pir sat ko bhi jao aur shayd sun ko bhi..matlab hadd htee haii..(Uhaaa)
Aaj mausam bada mast thaa..pore din barish huee..thandak hogayee..Mei thus thus ke soyee..par padai bhi karee..abhi bhi padna hai..buss jaldi se update karne aye huu blog..kafe time hogaya na..

Mjhe abhi bhi 2 case studies aur submit karne hai..vaise mjhe maza araha hai yeh case studies likhne mei..Marketing class is a class of real Knowledge and Fun:-)

And lastly..:-)P.S, C.J, P.A, S.A...Muahaazz Dostiniesss....:-):-)


Take care!!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Happy Day:-)

What a Lovely day!! It is a big relieve after meeting my paternal Gran maa. Last time I met her It was very sad on my part because she was ill. Though she has become very weak but today"Touch Wood" she is much better. Talking, recognising, siting with us. I am so Thankful to God for her better Health!I am very Relieved and Happy:-)

And Now comes the other story which bring a great Smile on my face and That were Rains!!!I just Love rains. What a Rain it was!!! I mean we all were coming back from Noida and "Kya mast barish huee..boleto..ek dum mast..". The weather was so Amazing.

I have always felt that Rains are the Good Signs. It brings Good Lucks, Smiles, Changes and settles everything uneven in Life.