Sunday, November 22, 2009

It was Fun! :-)

It's been so Long I have scribbled nothing like routine or any conversation or any informal post on my blog. So thought of doing it today!!! :D

I had a exam today Indian Institute of Foreign Trade(IIFT) asusal the exam was not very difficult but time was less like every student complains about :D:D

After that I went to Indian International Trade Fair. Every year it held around this November time. Today was Sunday and Man what a rush it was!!! I waited for an hour at the Karachi Chicken stall to get my Afghani Chicken!!! Man!!!

This time Major attractions were China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, pavilions. They had just amazing paintings, some very beautiful and delicate decorative pieces and some crystal decorative pieces too. There were also some Iraq stalls, I didn't find anything very catchy there.

Then Good Living was average, nothing so very special. Foods stall was kind of above average.

Lastly, it was extremely tiring, at one point I felt that my legs are totally dead. I came back home and slept like a log, not for very long but whatever I slept, It was quite refreshing. :)

Now I have to gear up for my other leftover exams..

Wish me Good Luck Friends :-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Illusion is what Life is

We dream we plan

We hold desires

We build relationships

We search for love

We cry

We crib

We lose

We gain

We fear

We fight

We Help

We hurt

We become insane to hit the material gains

We stake our relationships

We take things for granted

But one day we realize, it was just an Illusion,

We struggle so hard, we became malice

And we are empty handed in the end.

We Shriek, we shout, we Blame almighty

But we human beings forget to understand his signs of telling each of us that;

Life is what which is beyond death

What you do in your Life

Accordingly the Journey is

But one thing is sure

It will be ;

A new beginning which is not an illusion

A Real world

A Real image

A world of Truths.