Friday, October 17, 2008

Innocence is still Alive!!!:-)

In my Journey to Shridi, i met a little boy in train, he was a student of 4th class and he was also going to Shridi,so i was just talking to him and he too was enjoying his conversation with me.
I asked him, you going to Shridi,what will you pray to God.?

That conversation goes likes this:
Gauri:When you will reach Shridi,what will you Pray?
Rahul:I don't kno??
Gauri:Will you pray for loads of chocolates??
Gauri:Will you Pray for toys??
Gauri:Will you Pray for loadss of Money??
Gauri:Then what will you Pray??
Rahul:I don't know??
Gauri:Ofcourse You Know!

Then after this he said..
I'll Pray to god that he Blesses everybody![sabka bhala hoo,these were his words]
and these words just brought Smile on my face..

then again i asked him,you'll not pray for your studies.than he says'sabka bhala mei to aahe jata hai sab kuch,mere padai bhi usse mei ajate haii'..
And after all this conversation between me n him,,i was happy,that children are still innocent,innocence is still not vanished...
His words were to innocent and too pure...

When all this conversation finished,the very first thing which came into my heart was..

"Dear Child now you are already blessed,God has already Blessed you before reaching to his place, you are Blessed Baby of his".

'tabhi bolte hai God bacho ki baat jaldi sunte hai,,kyoki they are full of purity and love".
They don't have any grudges or malice for anybody...

Child's heart is always a pure heart,its proved now!:-))

God Bless this Child!:-)
God Bless everybody!:-))




Chaggoholic.... said...

Hey so true.Liked it....

Gauri Mathur said...

hey i ws just missing ur comment on my blog..thanx:-)

Kartz said...

:D Kiddo with kiddo junior... ;) Kiddo jr turned out to be smarter... :P

Gauri Mathur said...

Bade Kidoo!!:P