Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Shedding Tears is always an easy way to get rid of ones negative Emotions.
I did the Same today. Cried and Got Away With The burden of Unwanted Emotions.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Memories Such an inevitable part of life
We think
We cry
We Smile
We regret
We Enjoy
People come and Go
But at the end,Memories Are Memories
They come and Stays forever.

Such is a life dearies...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Exams Fever...Ufff!

6th April-21st April

Exams start hone vale haii,Itne tension hai,Ajkal jisse bhi ph par baat karo,sabka yehe kehna..barbad karde exams ne zindage,pad pad ke deemag kharab hogaya hai life mei koi excitement he nahi rehe ab,same yaha mera bhi haal hai..!!
Kuch maza he nahi raha,pado pado aur bus padte he rehoo..!!!

Kal bhi ek apni friend se baat karehe the,vo bhi yehe kehrehe the,Gauri yar kitna pade hum matlab,,CA ke exams bhi arehe hai finals bhi arehe hai,bus mere to watt lageve hai..
Itna high level vala depression chalraha haina ajakal..!!!
Hum becahre bacho ki to waat laga di iss Padai ne,,,

Cost Accountancy ka exam hai pehla,Kitna padna hai,itna padne ke baad bhi dar lagraha hai agar exam mushkil aya to kaha jakar royenge...:("
Sir ne to already dara he diya hai...
Ab sirf Bhagwan he bacha sakhta hai humhe iss Katnai ke dor se..
Hey prabhu Udaar karde hum Students ka..
Naiya par laga de..!!!

All the very best for all Graduation students..
God Bless!!
Rock onn!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Pinch Of Happiness..

"Finally Happy?
Always wanted to have Distances..
Permission Granted.
All your efforts are paid now,
Your ruthlessness,Your rudeness,your ignorance.

Stop all this now..
You dont have to take any more deliberate efforts!!
I'll not bother you much now."

Take it easy!