Friday, October 3, 2008

An Undelivered Email !

This was an email i read in one of my friend's inbox,she couldn't send this to her beloved because of unfortunate circumstances.

--This letter is not displayed here for any sympathy reason,its just about ones innocent feelings..

My dear,today i really want to confess some of my very integral feelings,which was always a very deep part of me ad my life but now i think its a right time and i should share it with you as it involves you also.
I know u from past 2 years and i never realised this that i have a crush on you. First i thought that its just an infatuation,and may be it was,but as our relationship started growing,i found that it is more than that,though i still can't feel that it is love factor but then also it was something, which i was unaware of.
I have felt that jealousy and that possessiveness in me.Though every intentions of mine was pure.My jealousy and my possessiveness never lead me to take any evil step towards any of your relationship.My feelings were balanced.

I don't trust people so easily neither i give them chance to be part of my life,but you were successful in making that place.

I don't know how you feel, the same way I do.?

I have always felt protected under your friendship,in fact you were the person whom i always felt knows me better though not in and out but to some extent you always knew how am I.
You have always guided me,i have always felt that warmth with you.I was real mE with you, my comfort level with you have always been good.

After that circumstances didn't support her,Things changed so rapidly,...Couldn't send this...


descrying the shadows said...

hmmm .... filled with sentiments ... touching ..

Gauri Mathur said...