Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tear Drops!

I Don't know what has happened to me??These days i just shed my tears for anything,,on any emotional or low moment,,anything.. the tears starts dropping from my eyes..!!
Oh God!! I have never been so weak..what is happened to me??
or it is just emotional outburst inside me which i can't hold it anymore and now it is coming in pieces,..don't know?
I don't know,,i just know,,that my tears these days are unstoppable:D


..pAnKHuRi.. said...

aftr tinkin alot on dis issue..i kame 2 a conclusion..either yur body ka water intake is too much..water is kumin from newhr typs :D..or sum internal water vein has burst or sumtng :D :P
i told my mum..i wanna take science..see seee..i kno so many thngss alredyyy..!!! :D :P :D :P
nai nai..sab bakwass..
but on a serious note...aisey rotey nai aur hastey rehtey hain..pankhu ko fone kartey rehtey hain regularlyy..aur masti kartteyy hainn.. :D :P
samaj gayee madamee..!!!

*sumtyms i feel im d badii sister nd yur d small goshhh*
:D :D

be happy..!!!!
take care..!!!!!

Gauri Mathur said...