Friday, May 22, 2009

Updates!!! :):D

Finally MTNL Strike is over and after another 3 days of mess our net is started working, I was wondering New government gave us such a wonderful gift of frequents power breakdown and MTNL Strikes, CooL!!!!

But again Net is toooo Slow,It's like testing Patience of a very impatient person for without any reason!!




There’s a lot to share :D

Uhmmmmmmmm..(Sochrehe hu kaha se shuru karo :D)

First I missed my blogging and all my blogger friends:D

I hope they missed me too,,What say Friends;):D

So, All these days, what I did,,!!


Lot of things,

Met Friends.:)


‘C’ came to my place, and then just to have a coffee of ‘Hungry I’ and 3 golgapaas , I went Delhi to Nodia with her..:D:D

I know its crazy but it’s Fun too:)

What say ‘C’??:)


I was touched by ‘K’s gesture when He called me and told me about his plans of leaving India. Actually touching was this that we are friends, doesn't even know each other personally and don’t even know each other from very long time also.

He really meant that ‘friends’ word.

Best wishes and prayers*




RG has changed his callertune,,hehehe!!

I made him hear a song,(Suzanne Vegaz-Tom’s dinner) and he has totally become fan of it and now its his caller tune. R.G Keep this caller tune for long now or else I am not gonna call you:P:D


Cool,,Good going!!!!


I myself is crazy about this song, I got this song from ‘C’ she got this from somebody else and chain follows, I made this song audible to every friend of mine ,may be2-3 can be left, couldn't’t give them because, my net got dead, but surely now I am gonna make them hear this too:):D

Then, ‘D’ gifted me two bangles, yup wooden bangles, I just love them. Now I have four. 2 were earlier gifted to me by ‘T’ and Now ‘D’ also gifted me.


I just flaunt them everywhere:D:D

Love you ‘D’

Recently I also bought 6 bangles,glass bangles, in pink,white and black shades:)

‘P’ has given me a card structure and I have still not started working on it..:D:D

I’ll do that soon, thanks for the idea 'P':)

Me tho abhi listening to song,Uravashi Uravashi:D:D ( I think it's from the movie Hum se hai Muqabla):D

And me tho also totally latoo on song , latto latto from ghajni. I am thinking to prepare proper dance steps on this song:D

‘H’ is angry that I’ll not be in Delhi on my Birthday. He is in a rotten mood for this..:D:D

Not ‘H’ but ‘C’ also:D:D

And I think ‘D’ and ‘R.G’ doesn't know about it and after reading this post, they tho gonna def. kill me for this, because I still couldn't tell them about this plan:D:D:D

But don’t worry Friends we will party once I’ll be back:D:)

*Conditions Apply with R.G :D:D


P.S is back, first din he duniya ki saare stories sunadalee mene :D:D



Weather has become dusky suddenly, Thunderbolts have started. Good rain can come!!_____________________________________

Me have to say Chao, now!!!


Take care!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IPL Flashback!:D

Yup, I know talking about IPL now is too late. But Can't stop myself too. 2-3 Days back I was talking to R.G.(Haan haan apna Blogger Rushabh) about IPL only and suddenly my last year IPL memories just popped out. And that experience was a very pleasant experience.

As it's such sad part that IPL this time held in South Africa and we most of us lost the chance of viewing matches there. But previous year it was in India only and that time I watched Delhi Dare Devil's match with Chennai Super kings(I guess) in Ferosha kotla and it was too terrifying+ It was too Fun+ surprises, filled with all enthusiasm and all sportsman spirits and obviously spectator spirits.

Yeah now you people must be thinking what surprises, so the big surprise to me was that I was on television thircEEEEEE that day and I was like...What?? I didn't know when the camera rolled towards me, what all happened, I came to know about, When My friends started calling me and asking,,Gauri Tu match dekhne gaye that and I said yes and then they told me that I am on Television. That was my first time to any Live match and I was soooooo overwhelmed that, I was not able to express it.
It was totally out of the world and too cool. I know this may sound little exaggeration but can't help it , that time It was just awesome.

I still remember the last overs, We got some rain there and ever body just started rushing. But after all this last over like any other exciting match was amazing,its was just too good!

Ya, there was one sad part also at the time of going out there was a stampede, everybody was rushing and pushing so badly. Many people got hurt there, Thankfully we all were safely out.
But at the end of the day,the day, was filled with fun,happiness and and a lifetime memory.!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lost Me....?

How Weird people are? Tell them 1000 times that you love them, trust them they'll not trust you. Stop showing your emotions to them, then also they'll say the same words.
Try and clear things with them, they'll always take you wrong, misunderstand you, put allegations on you, that you have lost me, I dont trust you, You can be as loyal as you can, then also You'll be standing in front of them and answering their questions. Oh God!!
Nobody wants to be empathtic, Everybody just knows, How to blame and help you to become subdue everyday.

I have shouted alot, My voice is tired, Its totally soured. My throat is dried. I have no energy left within me. I just want to be quiet for long time. I Want to observe people and want to listen what all allegation they can put to a person who doesnt speak a word now. I want a break,want to recahrge myself,want to come back with the same thoughts, that world is same,my own people are same and they know everything , If I had ever said I love them , I love them.

I have cleared a lot. People cant be understanding, And I can't be more nice and more patient to make them understand each and everything again. I have told them once I love them, they should know,Its all real not fake,If they dont accept, that means that they dont know me and had never accepted me.
I tried to give them my best and I expected the same I never got it and I never cribbed.
But Now I am totally exhausted, all energy is depleted, I cannot deliver more. Every piece within me is tired.
I need a break. I wana go away,far away..

Hey R.G I know we planned for something else for today but Il surely Write that post very soon,When I'll be in a perfect Mood.

Monday, May 4, 2009


A deep serene place of ones inner soul
Thoughts, which refelects ones intensity of actions,

Thoughts, an immortal world of ours..
Thoughts, an intersection of negative and postive Vibes

a capacity of adapting the truths of life.
Thoughts, define our soul, our integrity

Thoughts, rules us, guides us, protect us.
Thoughts, are our chargers.

When provoked, destroys lifes

When at the bay, makes life.


Thoughts and Heart both are inter-connected.
Both help us to the path of wisdom.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Happy- All thanks to Anil Bhaiya:-)

New template!!!!!!:-)
THe most Sharp thing about this template is that the word 'Unpredictable life' is written with different variety of Objects,Totally amazing:). Just suits the concept:)
All credit Goes to 'Anil' Bhaiyaaaaaaa!!!!!
He edited everything and make it 'The best' for his lil sistter
He guided me through every tiny changes, did it for me, hes the best:):))))))))
Thanks A tonn!!!!!!