Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Its Award Time Again!!!!!:-)

"Free Spirited and Independent" Blogger award but in Hindi ("Unmukt and azad blog award")...
Its always been pleasure receiving Awards.It gives a feeling of relieve that your work is being appreciated by people.Its a recognition Token.:):):)
Thanks Sam For this Wonder full recognition.:-)
And Now am passing this Award to other deserving Blogger..
-Tushar: Voyaging through Blogosphere
-Karthik: Contorted Reality
-Pankhuri: CreativityExplored
-Prashant : C'est la Vie
-Stephen: Solitary Writer

Rules as Follows:-

-Click on the Picture

-Save the image

-And the Award is yours:-)



Kartz said...

Congo..! :D

And thanks... :)

The Solitary Writer. said...

hey congrats and thanks yaar

Anonymous said...

hey Gauri, many thanks for flauntin the award :)

Richa said...

congos to u too :)

we share this award!!! :D

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

Congos to all of you....
Cheers! =D

Prashant Sree said...

Thanks a lot dear !!

This surprise was more amazing than a boxing hand !! ;)

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

yeaa yeaa........!!!

Tushar said...


Gauri Mathur said...

My Pleasure Friends:-)