Monday, September 22, 2008

Time And Distance-An Unpredictable part of Life!

Hey Wait! Here am not talking about any of the quant exercises or any mathematics chapter ,am talking about real life Time and Distance,sounds so very proportional to each other.

I was wondering and i found this that time and distance can change allot of things in life suddenly,random effects.In today's materialistic world people generally say this that "Money can buy time".But i don't feel so.May be u can buy time in a way of reducing your travelling time,as in, going by bus you prefer going by train or my plane,but this is something the tinest part or a very minute particle of any aspect and to make a statement that time can be bought. Time can never be bought.No matter hw rich a person is,Time will always be pricelss!

Time can build relationships,strengthen them but on the same time it can bring distances,disputes.
Time can be a dangerous element to take 'panga' with.It is such a big wagon wheel that it can rotate our whole world around in a second.Sometime its fun taking risks but sometimes its pathetic,it feels as if when this dreadful phase will get over and when again we gona see that ray of hope that shinning day.

If we talk about consequences than both have same consequences its just that time will always be more powerful than any sought of distances.Time brings in depressions,distances in relationships does the same but the effect of this is less,we can't predict time but we can predict distance so we cope up with it.

As i have alot negatively publicised time,so now it here comes some positive aspects.If time brings inn some distances than it brings inn some maturity also,it brings understanding in relationships,sometimes it rebuilds broken parts of life[relationships,an important part of lives].

So overall..Time,itna bura bhie ni hai..:D:)
It just a person should know how to play with it!


descrying the shadows said...

play with it ?
he he nice post coming from a girl who claims she does nt think ..

Gauri Mathur said...

Play with it,,as in know the tactics,tat wittiness to deal with this unpredictable TiME..
n thanx Sid,,ur comments ur motivation means alot to me..:-)thanx!

Kartz said...

Nice 'un... My take on time-

Time- the ultimate revealer.
Time- the ultimate healer.
Time- with it comes hope and a new day,
Time- will tell how many stay true to what they say.
Time- will tell how many souls will be pained,
Time- something precious, that can never be gained.
Time- you can bide, but never buy;
But, there is a time to be born...
And a time to die.

Toonfactory said...

Wah Wah...Thought provoking thoughts have made a little thoughtful...wanna learn how to pay with it :)

Gauri Mathur said...


tat ul learn from your experience!

Prashant Sree said...

Wow, your MBA quants prep must be going on really well since you remember it even when u r blogging ;)

Ur words about Time and Distance being unpredictable comes out quite nice as we can never say what might happen. One thing for sure, as the distance between the loved one increases, the time seems to move on very slowly. :)

preeti said...

nice read. I feel the train of time-thoughts originate from brain but distance lies on the mind.A strong mind can fight distance building up.Time is the ultimate healer :)

Gauri Mathur said...

heyy Prshant..
hw u doing..?
kaha rehta hai?:)

thanx for your lovely words:-))

@Preeti too thanx for your appreciation:):)
take care n keep visiting!