Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The wait.

Everyday I open blogger and think of writing something and I end up writing nothing.!
From past like four months I have hardly written anything. When I introspect I realize there used to be a sought of enthusiasm within which helped me writing various stuff.

But all it has lost! I know the reasons too. I know how its been from past four months! The struggle within! The quest of proving lot of aspirations within and around !

Incidents, struggle, is a part of everybody's life. We all go through it. And I believe it's fair enough.
 But if they make one stronger, they make one feel inferior too. Yeah, it's right how one manages but after a time one do feel timid.

You fall and then gets up! This is a natural process and if this happens frequently, tiredness is expected.

I am waiting for that shine
which hits me and says
Hey ya!  Life is full of hopes
Don't let it go
Work on it
Life is good! 
You'll be at peace.