Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just chit chatting with a friend recently.

We were discussing Is being emotional is a weakness or strength.?

She was more of in favour of that it is not a weakness and I was somewhere that it's neither a strength too!

We didn't reach to the conclusion though, because somehow topic got changed....

But  When I gave it a thought

Something hit my mind, which was like this ;

"Either you get emotionally black mailed or you do emotionally black mailing!"
.......               .......

(And that makes us think completely which way it is weakness and which way it's strength!?)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Little of chattar pattar!

"After all you don't want answers for every question in your life! "
(As it's said)

A very Tricky statement! 

You don't want answers because you are afraid to accept the truth out of it
                                                  You don't want Answers

Just because It doesn't matter and you are happy the way things turned to be. You are comfortable with what is been gifted to you! And you are trusting it and happily settled with it.!

Take is ours!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I wana hug tears for sometime.

I wana Cry
I wana Cry

Not because I am upset
But because

I wana take out
All negative
I have gathered inside me

So much I have embeded within me
Wana get rid of all those

Life is uncertain
Life is unpredictable

So as experiences
I have had a bit.

I wana shed some tears
and wana get rid of it

I wana collect my strength
So I can be ready for some more

But Today I wana rest.
I wana laid back!
I wana cry!

I wana be at peace!!
I wana be alone!

I wana cry !

Monday, August 2, 2010


Somebody asked me ; Why do you keep it to your self? I replied ; Inner world is so protective and comfortable to hang around with that outer world just tends to become indistinguishable - Annonymous