Friday, February 25, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011


'The grief of losing you will be more than the pain of suffering it.'

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's all Here!!

Day before yesterday I did Rock climbing. 1st time in my life that too an unplanned event. It was not even the rock climbing area. There was a similar kind may be 13 feet's wall. Guy friends as usual wanted to show their over smartness, they went hopping their and climbed it. I was standing and wondering that what's so difficult in it that I can't do it! I thought of giving it a try with one thing in my mind; I want to do it!

I climbed it with out any safety measures, I was very sacred of falling on my back to the ground. But there was a determination in head ; I can do it! And I did it with slight bruises on my Knee.

This whole episode made me realised, any task can be performed, If there's determination in mind. It may sound like cliche , but, trust you me, it works. It is working with me.
If you are focused, determined you can do it!
And the interesting thing is it generates energy with in. It's a booster, seriously!!
 Therefore it's said- 
 It's all Here; Mind which is as magical as we can't even think!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So Finally after so long I am updating my blog(Oh Crap!! Same old dialogue Before updating my blog) .

I don't understand why always I am struck with this paradigm. There's a time when I want to scribble a lot. And as soon as I open my blogger dashboard,I don't where all flies. I want to scribble about What I feel for various perspectives about life, How life is transforming, etc!

I wanted to read Daniel Steel-Ring but I have land up reading The Tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell! Not racy book, but yes..I am able to read it with a flow..
I have also decided,  I will try and update my blog more frequently. I wanna write a lot!! Truly!!

As I was telling,I had so much to share, it all flew..!!!

Ohoo/..Ab pir next time...sssssss!!!

There's a song Chemical brothers-Swoon..It's a good song..whenever I hear I don't know why..It takes me to some past memories...Not because for that but otherwise also,It's a Good song...

One of the other thing which sometimes bothers me is corporate politics!!! Gross it is!!!
Politics between teacher's screw students...That's not justified at all..