Friday, November 22, 2013

Breezer – Cranberry

Breezer is one of the finest drink I have ever had in category of less alcohol content! In fact it has become my favourite now!
I first had it at my friend’s birthday party. At that time I knew little about Breezers . My friend asked me what flavour you would like to drink. She gave me some options and with lot of scepticism I said Cranberry. As Cranberry is one of my favourite fruit so I thought drink would be great too and it was indeed!

It was my first time that day when I drink it and I really liked it. Taste was relaxing reminded me of my childhood days when I and my brother used to sit together and have those Cranberries in a sunny day under the shade of the tree. That fruity smell, that taste all took me to my childhood days.

In fact when I have to choose the team I was so confused which team should I opt for Jamaican or Cranberry because I like Jamaican too, but the at the end of the day Cranberry wins. It works as a stress buster, after a long tiring day, lying on the sofa , watching TV, taking those slow sips, it just rewinds you. Aha! What more you can ask after a stressful day! A good drink to end a day!
That taste just keeps it going!! And makes it my favourite.!!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Quest

Numb is my heart
Confused is my mind
Life is back to square one
And the question is to Divine
Why always me??
If you hate me so much!
Let's sit and discuss together

I know I am powerless,
And it's all you
But If I am here
It is also, because of you

You have given us the power to Love
To have faith
To have patience
To pray
To Believe
Then why they are not heard?

You are the supreme power
I believed in your miracles
Where are they?
Everybody say whatever happens, happens for a good reason
If that's the case then why it all started in the first place
Or you want some human importance

When heart is in denial
What to do?
who all to be blamed ; Oneself, Time,  People,  Or You(God)

A quest is within
Where is your justice?
Why I feel defeated and depleted?
What is my fault?

If Time was wrong, You were the supreme power to make it right
If minds were confused, you should have made it easy
I know, all this wasn't planned
Why you got me in all this
I don't deserve all this

I just believed .. 
I just prayed..
I just trusted..
I just loved..
A story unfinished....

Friday, April 12, 2013

TRESemmé - Dress my hair

I have always dreamed of those long wavy hair! Ahaa! What a peace! You are going in a party and your hair just shinning to the best, flowing like those soft winds! Wow!!

Hey wait! Here's the dream breaker! In this sweaty weather how can one have such a peace? Those unwanted curls, frizz and dryness!

 But when I discovered TRESemme it was real big time saver and I can see my dream fulfilling.I have used it twice and I can see my hair changing. TRESemmé had returned back my original texture of hair. It has given back that shine and softness which my hair lost.

Earlier When I saw the advertisement I couldn't believe it that it can really bring back that softness I lost, but after using it I can say, yes it can!!

 As a kid I always wanted those braids while going to school and also envied those girls with long soft braids! I can't get those school days back but why not those braids! After my first wash of TRESemmé I tried braids and it was treat to my eyes how beautifully it came out to be!

Braids and wavy hair which is the trend this summer and you can get both with TRESemmé! It's truely Ramp ready hair!

Image courtesy: Google.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Samsung Vs Apple Vs HTC Vs Sony Ericsson Vs Whatsoever??

Common Comparison of the tinsel town is Mobile Brands!
 Reviewers, Critics all find this topic very interesting to discuss about. So I thought to share my own opinions/experience with my blog.

And the first question which came in my mind was how these reviewers, critics reach to such predictions/comparisons! By intuition? Or by using these phones for a day, or by price or by specifications or by studying market trend or analyzing profits/loses of the company?? How? And if such comparisons are made, then why importance is not given to the opinion of a common man, who is not a market expert, who knows nothing about market and its trends but only can compare/differentiate through his/her experience of phone??

 I am not saying reviewers/critics/market experts are wrong in predicating such things! I have full respect for their predictions/responses or any kind of comparisons.

I am using Samsung GT9001 i.e Samsung Galaxy S plus from past 5-6 months and I don't know how many people face such problems what I have faced with my recent buy. I bought this phone at Rs 17500. I could never imagine that it will become so problematic that too with such user who is very easy-going with phone, who hardly fiddles with phone, who never does any kind of R&D with it's OS, with android applications or any sought of booting the device!! A plain, happy, simple user!

My phone started giving problem within a month when it started flickering. First I struggled with the phone, later standing in queues and dealing with Samsung customer center staff!! The experience there was horrible! And let me tell you, problems didn't end here, it in fact started! Samsung service center returned my phone claiming necessary repairs are done!

I was shocked after some days when I found it was all sham no repairs are done. The phone started flickering again. It did not even take me seconds to realize that they just took my phone , kept it with them for some days and returned without doing any repairs!

Story didn't end here. I decided to use my phone with the same problem because it was mentally tiring to go again and give my phone for repair to the service center.
And then suddenly one day my phone flickered to the greatest and got switched off ! It was evident that the problem has shown its true colors. Then finally I searched for another Samsung service center, I took my phone there and it was a big shock again when they told me, repairs will cost Rs 6000 because its screen is damaged from within and you have water inside the phone and all that bullshit!! I was like WTF! And later I discovered it is one of their tricks to earn money from the customers whose phone is under Warranty.
After lot of thought and discussions I gave my phone, trusting for some wonders!
But as it was deep within expected, I was proved wrong. My phone still flickers !!

I never had such a bad experience with phones! But trust you me, my next phone will never be Samsung!
 Once my friend told me what she has observed with Samsung phones is: If phone is in the trend you'll get a good quality phone but if new models have overshadowed the old models, you  may not get a good quality Samsung phone! And from my experience I completely agree!! Samsung phones quality decreases after specific time! That's why it is day by day leading to fully packed Samsung Service centers!

I don't know what will be my next buy! But not Samsung for sure!!! Spending Rs 23500 (17500+6000) and getting no satisfaction rather harassment from their services is something customer/user never forgets!! It is like a night mare to a customer!
I don't even bother who wins the trophy! Whether Samsung or Apple or Sony Ericsson or HTC or whosoever! I don't really care! What I care is next time if I am spending hard-earned money I just don't spend it to a product which is so inferior in quality!!

Samsung or Apple or HTC or Nokia or Motorola or Blackberry or Micromax or Karbon

Choices are still lot many!! And hope so quality varies too!!

 PS: Ideas, experience is solely on user experience! This post is entirely on ones choices/desires/likes/dislikes!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The wait.

Everyday I open blogger and think of writing something and I end up writing nothing.!
From past like four months I have hardly written anything. When I introspect I realize there used to be a sought of enthusiasm within which helped me writing various stuff.

But all it has lost! I know the reasons too. I know how its been from past four months! The struggle within! The quest of proving lot of aspirations within and around !

Incidents, struggle, is a part of everybody's life. We all go through it. And I believe it's fair enough.
 But if they make one stronger, they make one feel inferior too. Yeah, it's right how one manages but after a time one do feel timid.

You fall and then gets up! This is a natural process and if this happens frequently, tiredness is expected.

I am waiting for that shine
which hits me and says
Hey ya!  Life is full of hopes
Don't let it go
Work on it
Life is good! 
You'll be at peace.