Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Childhood+memories+Fun= two extra hours in a day!

If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?
(This is the topic in one of the competition)
Here is the attempt to pen down my thoughts on this topic!

Life is so interesting that 24 hours a day also tends to be less for us! We want to do 1000 things a day! Sometimes we fall short of time and sometimes our daily routine leave us doing nothing!
Such us life dearies!!

But if some miracle happens and 2 hours is added in our 24 hours! I shall be a detective!
After all who don’t want to be a Sherlock Homes! Isn’t it?
Now you must be thinking suddenly why detective? When everyone wants to sleep and do something creative like painting, sketching, etc. I would have chosen it that too to do but detective would be rather more interesting job and as I said who don’t wants to be a Sherlock homes. After all our childhood is spent reading his stories only.
Anyway I was saying I’ll not be an ordinary detective! I want to keep an eye on every bollywood gossip! Like recently, Aishwarya delivering her baby on 11-11-11 or not? 
Or is Bipasha basu dating Shahid kapur or not! I’ll collect all such gossips! May be some Hollywood gossips too like how’s the chemistry going between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? What was the reason why Braddy divorced Jennifer Ainston? I know it may be sounding bit filmy but that’s how it is!
This way 2 purposes will be solved there would be some fun in life apart from that monotonous routine and second I can meet some great people like Mr Amitabh bachchan and from Hollywood Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Yes some may think that this may be some stupid idea to pursue! But the fact is 24 hours is more than enough for being stupid! We run for all those materialistic comforts and forget there still lives a child beneath whom we have almost suppressed!
There’s an instance coming in my mind; In younger age when someone us to ask us what you want to be when you’ll grow! We use to have such answers only. Detectives, dhobiwala, etc! Why? Because as kids their work use to fascinate us! But now as we have grown we have forgotten those childhood memories!
Therefore here I have tried recalling some of my childhood thoughts and chosen to bring that fun back by choosing to be detective if 2 extra hours are there in a day!

Monday, November 7, 2011


You are surfing your facebook account and suddenly you see a photograph of your friend and submerge yourself in some nostalgia. You realize then nostalgia can be dangerous too when you know this friend of yours had hurt you badly or have forgotten your friendship because of some new friends!

And then also some old beautiful memories hits you and You think that it's been so long we can be friends again...we can talk and sought out misunderstandings in a better way..because now we are grown ups..

But ego doesn't permits!

And the interesting part is ; It's not ego(which is generally mistaken as), it's 'just' ego!

Such is life dearies!