Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am Back:)

I am Back to Blogging Era and Dont have words to start with..?

Last I posted on 1st december. Papa got injured,severe injuries that too major ones ,Doctor said alot of risks are there,complications are there.But we trusted God,He gradually made things better.
His Welwisher prayed for him. Now after 14 days,hes sounding much better,though hes still in ICU,but alot of recovery is there.Doctors has marked his recovery a Miracle,Its all because of God's immense blesings,his care and his love.

Today i talked to Doctors he told us that if papa would have brought late to the hospital at the accident nite,he would have not survived.
Now Papa is better,but there's a long way to his recovery.But We Trust Divine,Everything gona be perfect soon.

So as i was not blogging for since many days,Some people must have missed my presence,i Hope:D:D.
I was Obliged with 2 awards by some wonderful people,Stephen and Pankhuri. By this sweet gesture of their they tried and make an effort to make me smile and am very thankfull and greatfull to them.Thanks Stephen and Pankhuri:):)
Stephen Awarded me With The Rocking Riter Award[Which is dislayed on the right side of the Blog]
and Pankhuri Awarded me with The Kreative Blogger Award[Which is also displayed on the right side of the blog].
Thanks to both of them.
God Bless you all:-).


kim said...

Welcome back dear....

M sad mera blog to koi nahe padhta....

:( <~~~ Tear baby @ me

Rajesh said...

Welcome back!!!

Good that ur dad is back to normal..

Congrats on the awards...I got Rockin Riter award :)

Gauri Mathur said...

hey Kim aunty,,mei padtee hunaa tera blogg..udass kyo hrehe haii:)
n thanks dost:)

hey Rajesh,,long time..hw r u??
Papa is much better,,will take bit long time to be back to perfect:)
Thanks for ur concerns:)
take care...

Rajesh said...

Yea..m doing fine....nice 2 c here...

Sam said...

Hey Gauri, i wish very speedy recovery for your dad and very soon being back to normal health...

Rab nu yakin kaaro, wo sab theek kaar dega!!

Richa said...

Welcome buddy :)

m glad tht ur dad is recovering.. n i hope he gets fit vy soon :)

congos for the awards...


ANWESA said...

welcum back!may ur dad recover fast n b hale n hearty!!congrats 4 d awards!!!

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

yeah yeah yeah..!!!!
10 baar thanks bolo chalo..!!!!

Prashant Sree said...

Very happy about your Papa's recovery.

Keep smiling.,. :)

Gauri Mathur said...

Thank you friends!
Your support is key to my strength:)
thaks a ton!