Saturday, October 4, 2008

A year of sorrows...

It was early morning around 1:30am or so today, got a call from my very dear friend and she was crying,i asked what happened?She said my father is no more,i was speechless. I didn't know what to say,how to react?And i coudln't talk to her further,and i kept the phone down.

I just got over with similar phase 3 months back.It was traumatic.My best friend lost her young 25 years old brother in road accident.He was studying in Australia. I still remember,it was Saturday morning,i was messaging her just to share some tid-bits of my life and she didn't reply to any of my messages.Then on my way to class i called her and i was about to blabber and she said Prashant is no more.I was Blank,i asked her Who Prashant? She said my Brother and she hung up.My mode got anestheatic that time,i was not at all aware of my surroundings and i was walking blankly then after 2-3 second i regained my consciousness and then called my mother she was also shocked then she and Papa both rushed to her place and i went to the class first,couldn't concentrate for a second,i left the class in between and rushed.

I have seen that pain,that crying of grandparents,that crying of a mother, a father, a younger sister.It was too depressing,She is my dearest friend and i usto go to her place everyday,i know how it used to be,she usto cry and i was so helpless,i just can't do anything.
God bless there entire family.

Now its 3 months i still can see that pain in her family,Uncle who usto joke allot,now he doesn't do it much.Aunty who usto be so cheerful all the time,now shes not like that,shes so restless from her mind,her state of mind has disturbed,she just wants some peace,mental peace.

Again same circumstances has arisen, my friend lost her father,the pain is unbearable.I don't know how i'll console her.My strength is lost,my energies are still not 100% rejuvenated,I am again helpless.My life too is not 100% on track,i know my problems are too smaller,but its getting tufer for me to handle those.

Today i have to go to her place,but couldn't go,because i can't witnessed dead body and people crying badly.I am very vulnerable.I am very sorry for that but,my power was not allowing me to witnessed that scene.I have become weak.

This year was full of sorrows,my another close friend lost her grandmother.It was too depressing.

I just pray to God,that he blesses entire Aspanani family.Give them strength to come out from this low phase of life.

God Please bless all ,love all. Your hand of a blessings will just make everything smooth.


Prashant Sree said...

God bless the Soul and may he give the courage and strength to the families.,.

And Gauri, you shouldnt lose hope. Your friend will need your support at this time.. Though it might be hurting to you at this moment, they require your support more than ever.,. Let your friend know you are there for her.

Tara said...

Oh God give strength to these families to overcome these testing times. I am sure they will pass by and no better medicine than time.

I agree with Prashant here, do meet your friend because she needs your support and that shoulder to cry on.

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

god bless them
god bless her
god bless you

be strong
be strong
be strong

thats what i can say

Kartz said...

My condolences.