Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Love or Infatuation?

As I don know wt love is so I cant cum out with deeper meanings,bt till now wt life has taught me by knowing various incidences I feel tat love is left far behind, its just infatuation which has strengthen his position in today's world. These days relationships r on fake terms r v can say temporary basis tat is have a crush on somebody fr a sometime ,use that person n just finished it off…which is often termed as infatuation at the end.

The most easiest part is to get in to these kinds f relationships but must difficult part is to deal with d consequences of such relationships, People once heart broken,becomes too hard,cold,,there perspective changes n be cum numb. N wen this situation arises d situation f depression takes his seat..which is dangerous.

If we see are environment,every then n now r friend's comes up with d prob tat ,v broke off,,n v r upset ,tat person did this n all..n v give them a simple advice of move onn,,n v flash sum beautiful dialogues n finally v r done with d,,formality of being friend's ,,n v feel tat its sufficient,,v r done with r job..

But d person who's suffering knows,,how it feels wen heart breaks,,n how long time will b taken to recover frm such a brutal hurt,. N at tat time person feels there's no love only pain n whatever was it it ws a mistake ,,a infatuation.

Here also persons thinkin does'nt end up,,he started gettin pulled off from relationships..,starts makin boundaries n at d end love theory is vanished n rude,selfish world theory is activated.

I know there would be people who r in serious relationships, n they must have a strong believe in this love part n I really wish loads f good look fr there future n God Bless them with same love n tender care in tere relationships, but tese days majority is f heart broken people n its increasing day by day an finally it is resulting in creating a mind set f infatuation n hatred among people..n discouraging people to get into any kind f relationships.. which will,, at d end not result in a healthy outcome..

So we people should be bit genuine fr others n help them not to form such opinions by takin a a very first step from ourself only tat if v genuinely like sum1,,ten only v should approach tat person to get into any relationships n should try n carry out it till d end with full trust,loyalty,care n a genuine love..:-) so v can have a better world tomorrow n healthy perspectives tomorrow.:-).

Note:This post was originally posted by me to one of my dear friend's personal Blog, Musings


Kartz said...

"People once heart broken,becomes too hard,cold,,tere perspective changes n be cum numb"- spot on...


Well written. Leaves an opening for discussion. How the youth of today get infatuated, and claim to be in love...

Prashant Sree said...

A nice, warm-felt hats off to you for writing this article. The fact that you have written this article to share your views as well as the solution with others (Those who are in love and those who want to be in love) is an appreciable fact. Your opinions are a note-worthy and are very true. Infactuation is a part of our growing process so its natural that one may be inclined to like someone. Yet one must determine what kind of relationship we want to have before committing ourself. The point you have mentioned about people taking responsibility of getting into an relationship only if they are genuinely interested, is a worthy advice.

And regarding love, i would like to share a point which i read. There is a book called "The Celestine Prophecy" which shares nine wise principles of the ancient age. In that, one principle explains of love and says that true love is something which one experiences only when he is completely at ease with himself. In love or infactuation, we turn to other people because the inner fulfillment is not there. There is some restlessness and in order to feel secure and be appreciated we tend to move out and seek a person who can give us that comfortness. Yet as time goes by, some other insecurity crops in and the previous relationships falls apart. You can check the entry about the Celestine Prophecy book @


Finally, one suggestion. While writing the article, if you can type the entire words, instead of using abbreviated typos, it will be more easy for the reader to read the article and appreciate its value. :) Keep Writing !!

Gauri Mathur said...

Thank you Kartz!

Gauri Mathur said...

Hey Prashant!!
Love n personal relationships r 2 very imp aspects of life n everybody has different opinions bout it,m 20 n i still can't form the cemented opinion bout love. M still exploring the word:)
Though i don't know you,but,It felt nice hearing frm you!:-)
n yaa do chk your comment box for that post:-)

n 1 more thing is that i myself prefer ritng in proper words rather in abbreviated manner wenever m ritng sumthn formal. This is a very old psot of mine wich ws riiten free hand tas y sum places abbreviations r used.

Gauri Mathur said...

Thank you n keep visting,n do guide me wid ur valuable comments.
Thank you :-)

Rajesh said...

another heart-felt post by Gauri...u write really well...my sincere advice is u take up blogging seriously...hope u don mind me blog rolling U :)

Gauri Mathur said...

hey Rajesh!:-) Sorry for repling u bit late.:)
I wudn't mind u blog rolling me:),but d prob is m already handling 5 blogs n m very inconsistent on each of them:D n if il b same wid ur blog also ten,it wud definatley not be a fruitfull ting na.! isliye sumtimes m very hesitant joing ny blog!

Gauri Mathur said...

n ya once again thank you for ur such warm words:-)
tis lot of appreciation,it really feels good:-)
take care

Rajesh said...

Also I wud lik u 2 read ma blog...2 of the posts are mandatory read or rather requests..one is titled 'A Walk to remember' and second one is titled 'When I knew only laughter'

descrying the shadows said...

"People once heart broken,becomes too hard,cold,,tere perspective changes n be cum numb"

Hmmm.... thts not necessarily true

Gauri Mathur said...

hey Sidharth,thanx for visting:-)
but majority is like this,i ws tokin bou majority,aur aise to kch bhie not neccesary hai yar!:)