Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage !

This is a debate which we are debating since ages. Love marriage or Arranged marriage ?

Marriage is an institution which should be built on mutual terms and conditions as its a collaboration of two new lives as one. If this fact is clear in our minds it hardly matters a person does a Love marriage or arranged marriage.
But yes nobody can deny this fact that love marriage is convenient as compared to arranged marriage and we as humans are fond of convenience.

Arranged marriage is arranged as its name speaks. It's like you have given the clay and then rest is built on how your imagination floats! Isn't it? 

Marriage is a serious affair as in Hindu mythology it's said its not only collaboration of two people, its a collaboration of families. And Indeed it is.In marriage you start sharing different believes, cultures, ideas, etc.

And to grow in an institution like marriage there has to be love, faith, trust and care irrespective of this its a love marriage or its an arranged marriage.

When the ingredients of the marriage are same then the taste would be same too whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage.

It's just, Love marriage has become more prevalent because people has realized the difference of making decisions by choice not by chance!

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