Friday, November 28, 2008

Is this means Expecting Alot??

Yesterday I was talking to one of my dear friend on phone and we both were discussing our tiny- minny life issues. As i was sharing my life problem to her,and after all the conversation got over about our life tiny issues ,our concerns, than came the time of advise.My friend told me that Gauri sometimes you expect a lot from people. I laughed for a while and then got shut and then i explained her that my dear I hardly expect things from people.After keeping quite for a min,then she also agreed with me.

Then we both kept the phone down after talking for another 5 minutes.After keeping the phone down,i got quite for sometime and i sat down and give it a thought,that really i expect alot from people around me??
A person cant even expect that little amount of normal tid bits of life..??Expecting that also from your dear and tear ones has been banned now..??

I started searching beneath me and i came down with conclusion that..i have always expected a person to be loyal and true in friendship.In fact in any relationship these two aspects are this was expecting more??
I expected a genuine concerns from all those people who once said this, that they are my well wisher and have always counted me in one of there close friends,is this was a lot to expect??
I expected people to understand my emotions when am numb,expected them to understand my silence,expected them to understand my efforts.,,is this was a lot to expect??
I expected them to message me and ask how are you when am sad,i expected from all those people that they cheer me whenever I'll be low,is this what alot i expected..??
And after all this my thought process just ended and then for a moment i realized.somewhere life has kept me in various illusions,or i trusted those closed ones so innocently that,they took advantage of my healthy nature!?

It all took me to various thought process and now i hardly feel anything in this respect and hardly expect anything,not even the basic expectations of human nature,sometimes..
Such is a life dearies....:)


d gypsy! said... that

but dont expect that expectation to be fulfilled...


take a chill pill...

we are all humans after all

Gauri Mathur said...
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Gauri Mathur said...

Then ters no point in Expecting anything,,,
n yaa thas what m saying,,,
We are humans we are made in this way.that no matter what happenes,a hope of expectations will always be there..its just we became numb after being deprived in this way

Vaise friend,,m chillaxed only..:):)

n thanx for visiting,,felt nice..:):)
take care...

Richa said...

expectations.. they juz hurt n do nuthn else..

my funda of life is expect nuthn out of anyone, but if sum1 is good to u, take it as a bonus :)

n yeah thnx loadz for bothering to paste those quotes in my scrapbook :)
really felt nice!!

Anonymous said...

cudnt agree more...Every word is true and experienced by me....We gotta be true n honest in every relationship and if we cant then we shud not be in any relnship!!

Great stuff

Prashant Sree said...

Since i have been asked to give my frank comments, I would say that reading from what you have written,it seems like you have a bag full of expectations from your close friends..

Its normal to expect , but when you start expecting, you expose yourself and give others the right to hurt you if they dont fill ur expectations..

If you want to expect, then also expect and be ready to face the disappointment if and when you get one..

Gauri Mathur said...

Yaa my dear friend Prashant..i have already been in that process of disappointments..:)
U could have make it out from my post itself:D
n Let me share one of the basic fact of Human life...:)
We can 'only' expect from our loved ones,not from any third person.
And I have no regrets in Whatever i expect from people was too high,it was very normal,very obvious,its just people are handicap,they couldn't deliver:D:D
and that helped me in learning a good lesson of life and also helped me in my growth:)

Thanx u took sometime out and gave your frank comments,,
thanx dude..:):)
n in ur words Stay control!:):)

Gauri Mathur said...

yaar..Richa,,people are not good naa tese days..yehe to panga haii..:D:

Thanks gal!!:)

Gauri Mathur said...

hey Thanx Sam:):)

ANWESA said...

lyf is a paradox..