Friday, September 30, 2011


Why it happens when we are sad everything around suddenly appears sad.
Facebook statuses,movies, songs?

Why it happens when we watching a emotional movie we start crying badly?

Why it happens when we are sad of something all sadness arises simultaneously?


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dream Big!

Dreams are such an important part of our lives. We here are because we hold the power of dreams. These dreams are like vitamins. We need them to grow.
I also dream like any other individual. In fact I am sometimes a day dreamer. I never really had concrete dreams(dreams which I can feel of making real) in my younger age of life say;12th standard or my graduation days. 
But as I am growing I have understood ; 
Dreams are like bundle of unreal ideas.
Ideas like What we want to be,what we want to achieve. What are my goals.? How a Life should be?
 Today when I am in my post graduation days I realize the essence of dreaming and feeling the depth of it. And I really feel I missed all this before. It's such a wonderful motivational perspective to life.

The most difficult part of dreams is How to change this unreal to real world. 

One has to widen his/her horizons to get somewhere. To work hard,rather.

I can say this because my mind has started working that way. I can connect to my dreams,MY dreams! I can feel them in within and believe them to become real one day!
You do dream alone but the interesting part is you want to knit your loved ones in this process of weaving!

And as it' said; Dream big!
Truly everybody should! You never know when you hit the jackpot with the world which is hidden within you!
Dreams are like powers given to we humans. They are natural spotlights to us, now it's up to us how useful we can make out of these spotlights.