Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old Man!!!

Yesterday something very weird happened.I went with my family to one Bhajan Sandya and there I,my moma and my brother was in the shoe stand area,doing Seva there.Then what happened a old man came and gave his token so i can bring his shoes,after i bought his shoes,he thanked me alot of time and he was smiling and smiling and i also smiled once and said welcome politely.

But i don't know why,i didn't fine this man genuine somewhere,there was something in his eyes,some negativity or the way he was staring,there was something which was unpleasant.
After standing for some 1-2 minutes this man left, and i think that time also he was staring me[i didn't notice him much because i already was feeling uncomfortable and i was overlooking him and got busy with other people,to help them to find there shoes]. And suddenly after walking 5-6 steps this old man came to me,[there was a distance of one table between us] and said show me your hand.i got puzzled when he said this,and i didn't show him my hand,then what he did, he just pulled my hand,took out his handkerchief and wiped my both hands and then left.and he did this very rapidly and i got soo sacred at tat time,i just cant tell! His gesture was may be from his heart but still i don't know why,? i didn't find it that pure,there was something which i didn't like,may be the way he was looking or the way he behaved,there was something which was bit fishy with his character.

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Kartz said...

Hmmm... Weird.

I have heard people perform such 'sleight-of-hand' and swindle away stuff. You dint lose anything, right? Watch, or anything tht u were wearing...? Careful...

And now.. For sum fun... Old men fall for u too? ;) :D


Hope ur preparing well for IIFT. Good luck.