Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weird me?:D

Today the Day was so peculiar,in the afternoon i was alone at home and i don't know what happened, i just started crying like anything.I didn't even know the reason that what happened ,why i cried??
And my crying was not that silent sobbing,it was a loud one and that too done in bit hesitant mode just because my neighbours should not hear my sob sob.
Through out the year,there were many 'moments of cry' and i cried also,but not wholeheartedly.
Sometimes tears were till my eyes only,they didn't have the courage of dropping off my eyes,they were soaked up by my eyes only.
But today, i was crying like 2 year old child though for 2 minutes only but then also i don't know why ??
At one point i just got this feeling that i have become weak now,i don't know, in what sense but i felt this for a while.I just can't take it anymore.My inner strength has been tested allot,now doesn't feel like giving any test at least for sometime.

I just felt like switching off my cell phone,cut off from outer world just want to be in my own world for sometime.In fact today i have to meet my friends even didn't feel like going there,but as i committed so i have to go and later its not that i didn't have fun,i had loads of fun,in fact they all cheered me up,,though unintentionally.But we had allot of fun.May be that was the best part today.


enigma said...

Its ok to cry like that sometimes!
Happens with me alot...i hate my life!!
Im always crying..may be not in form of tears but deep down im always crying!!
would love to know you c a part of me in you!!

Gauri Mathur said...

hey Enigma!1
keep visiting:)
take care

Kartz said...

Hmmm... The best is always saved for the last...

And u r yet to see my last post? :/

Gauri Mathur said...

heyy Karthik!
i read ur post a way back and i was about to comment like always,,but wen i saw much better comments,expressions thn mi9, i dropped the idea of commenting,i didn find my comment worth ur comment box:)...

vaise ur post ws too good..:)

n thanx for being always tere to support blog,my posts..thanx:):))

take care!!

Sakshi said...

This incident shows that there are certain things in your subconscious but you're not ready to accept them coz they might hurt you!
Or else, a lot of times you hold back your tears, trying to pretend to be strong or indifferent and it just came out like this!