Thursday, March 5, 2009

When these days Gona be over...

I don't know whats going on these days with me. I am not able to scribble down these days. I generally pen down my thoughts when I feel things,when I am emotional,When I go through Rush of feelings,I mean I write whenever I feel Whats going within me,sometimes,I couldn't do that also,because I am inexpressive with my allot of thoughts,feelings.But these days,I have become so dry,I mean,I don't know,I am not able to express anything. I am not able to Collect my thoughts on paper..

I Have realised it,they are only very few Who can understand you and can interpret you in the best possible way.Rest will never Understand you.I have started keeping most of the things inside me,and its Suppressing day by day..

I am Stressed.I am tensed.I am worried.I don't know what all I am carrying at the back of my Mind and day by day its getting suppressed. I don't wanna Stop writing, At one point I decided to say Goodbye to Blogger world,But I couldn't do that,I love My blog,I love reading others blog,I just don't wanna stop Writing.

I just Pray I get over with all this Soon..

I was Never Like this..


яノςんム said...

it happens abes.. a lot of times..

it will soon be over, stay happy :)


Anandit _ Andy said...

Do not keep things bottled up!
It can be disastrous!
Do one thing.....pen down your feelings on your diary.........make one.....your personal diary......and then choose those things from it that you want to write on your blog..... i certainly dont wanna loose a blogger friend!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey girl! stopped by your blog and i loved this space.. and hey i am sure you will not give up on blogging.. it is too much of addiction to be left like that.. this will get over quickly...

i am following you now.. :)

Gauri Mathur said...

Hugs to you too Richa:)

First..thanks for visiting after so long:)
how you doing?

And Anandit,,I do that diary thing,,I start writng randomly sometimes:)
Thanks re!

Gauri Mathur said...

Hey Pink Orchid!

Anonymous said...

oye gauri billi kya hua ? u gave up to the lyf ? i thot u d fight it out....

come get up and roar back!!

sherni ki jaisi!!

Kartz said...

Hmmm... Happens, doesn't it..? Crests and troughs of life.


Peace. Be well.

Kartz said...

Life comes a circle. Remember that.


NEHA said...

hey hapens sumtymz .......but dnt dare 2 stop blogin u write rely wel i wnt 2 read more of ur

Anonymous said...

awww amen this could be a writer's block, It gets over trust you me, It Does Get over :)

ps. Just wanted to share with you the fact that word verification word that came for me is: surreall :)

entered it wrong :S and the next word is dessi ;)

sawan said...

letting out our frustration through words are the best way to survive i this world of "life on wheels"! why do we have to expect that people would understand? you and me are getting relieved by letting out our thoughts. what more could we ask for? keep writing :) and u take care.

aqua gurl said...

wow....u have an awesome blog, i am a background fan and i must say urs has amazed me!!!

jayaram said...

Aaagh, life's not a bed of roses. U R success lies in crossing those path without any injury. Must live through it and self-confidence and determination is the stepping stone 4 ur goals. Many things will come and go but u must go on unfailingly. God Bless.

oo7 said...

just let it all out..i never care who will say what,i just write it all as if i am writing in a diary.
After all this is my space ..i will do whatever i want.

just let it out would be good

take care

Prashant Sree said...

Hey Gauri,

Wass happened to my dear friend. Never thought that my being busy will hurt you so much ;)

Its a phase everyone crosses, just keep on to your thoughts, it will come out unharmed.

And if you need more, just drop me a mail. Being some time chatted with you !

Keep smiling :)

Gauri Mathur said...

Hey Guys!
Thanks for all you support!

उन्मुक्त said...

आप हसेंगी तो दुनिया साथ हसेंगी - यदि आप रोइयेगा तो अकेले ही रोईयेगा। चिन्ता छोड़िये मुक्त रहिये ज़न्दगी में कभी दुख तो कभी ग़म - यही जीवन है।

आपने कुछ चिट्ठियां रोमन हिन्दी में लिखीं हैं। क्यों नहीं देवनागरी हिन्दी में लिखती।

Girl Next Door said...

I can actually empathies with you. With time I have become more reserved and don't want to share my stress with anybody keeping it all inside me.

But I know it will be over soon... Keep writing it really helps let out your emotions which you can't express otherwise.

Gauri Mathur said...

Hey unmukt!
Ab to khush word verification finally mene hatadiya haii!!

@Girl next door,,
i want to like to say one thing that till the time you are naturally inexpressive u shouldnt bottle up..
its not healthy,,going againt nature is always unhealthy..
take care..
God Bless!