Saturday, September 13, 2008


Party!!What’s the first thing come into our minds when we hear this word “Party”.?

Right! Dance,at least to my mind.!

So whats Party is all about?The 3D's. Drinking,Dancing Discotheque..?

Not exactly,Basically parties are2 refresh, to rejuvenate are lost energy.After working 5 days a week,exhausted people,bored people party just to to take break from there tiring schedule.

But have we ever noticed that, In this 21st century the basic idea of partying has changed.

Today’s generation party mostly every day,and why’l they’l not do so,,if they have given excessive finances to deal with it,obviously they'll indulge themselves.

Anyways its not about funding but its about they way they party.

Some believes in wild parties,some in milder parties some in theme..and some in sutta or that cocaine parties[sorry could'nt remember the actual name of these kind of parties:D]the more time is passing the more different kind of parties we tend to hear .

But ever we have thought that the way we party now is morally right.?The wildness, aggressiveness which we show is right?Nops,its not!

But the trend is changed,people don’t party just because they are tired, they party for fun,for flirting, for drinking,for show-offs.Not guys but many girls also becoming too extrovert and they are also indulging in all this,which is bit surprising,watching females getting soo wild,is bit weird.Guys have their trademark in partying soo restlessly but now girls also..bit strange.

Recently only that Patiala girls case happened few girls and 40 vodka bottles,,goodness me..!!!! I was wondering how can females be so unsophisticated,how can they goo so wild.Females are always considered to be more sensuous,elegant, cultured,, n more respect full than can they do this?

Where are country is heading towards?

If we analysis then,Western culture also have a great influence on us regarding these parties,all this sutta parties n all are imported from them only to our country,people find all this very interesting but in real its very destructive.people feel that doing this is a sign of high status or being very modern,but I don’t feel so,I think foolish people do so.

We people are soo busy in our lives that we have started living are lives blindly ,I mean we have forgotten that innocent charm of partying.Partying is eating dancing,a time to socialize,pampering ourselves but today it is a status symbol the more expensive discotheque the more your looked upon,the more u can spend on smoking, drinking,and Drugs the more rich you are,the more you can flirt with girls the more dude u look,whole scene is changed we ourselves have degraded this ‘party’ feel..

Sometimes these parties spoils lives of so many people,people tend to experiment with different cheap things and at the end, they end up spoiling there careers,may be sometimes lives..

Its sounds so unhealthy partying these days..its more of depression than of rejuvenation.

Its sad to see that, where we are heading towards,its surely not a better world.


Kartz said...

Party? Samajwadi Party!!! :P Tht comes first.. ;) :D

And well.. Yeah... But wht can u do if ppl wanna party wild... Nothing can be done. It's upto them to realise... Paisa hai; uda rahe hain... And if one happens to attend it, he will wanna make the best use of it.. :) We are humans... Not Gautam Buddha to refrain from indulgence... :) ;)

Have a nice day...

The Solitary Writer. said...

w+ell u wre right.....these days youngsters often go for too much of party stuffs....initially as u said ppl used to party just to get free from wrk or relief like thing...but now its party evryday...btw how do u know all thse terms u party .....and 3 d's wre right drink ,dance and disco ....i often see it in movies....rightly said....well its rich ppl who go for it.....but now evrything is changed ....thats coz of influence of western culture on youngesters of our country... well written...
about suggestion part...yeah do take care wh+en u write a statement coz i noticed a statement where it said ....if they have give all the facilities ......i feel that this statement if framed not an english grammar teacher....but i felt like saying thats y i told u / :)....

blogrolled u :)

Gauri Mathur said...
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Gauri Mathur said...

hey Solitary writer..
friend i rite very casually,everything is spontaneous,everything is in free flow,tas y allt hose grammar jus slips..:D:D

kabhi TOI,HT ki journalist banii to sure shot,grammtically chezein yaad rakhongee ..hehehe

aur tab bhi kch nie hoaa to Tum to ho hee ..mere grammitcally errors batanae ke liyee..:D:):):)
and haan apne suggestions hamesha dete rehna..they are valuable:)
Thank you..:-):-)
take care

Gauri Mathur said...

@ Kartz!
we'r not..
hnaa chaiye hai na..:)
have a nice nite:D:)

Gauri Mathur said...

n thanx again for blog rolling me..:):)
mene to already kar rakha hai jie..:):):)

The Solitary Writer. said...

mein kahaan HT ka reporter hunn ,...but haan 1 baar ht ke liye 1 article likhi the meine......maza aa gaya tha...yeah hum toh hai hiii....appki error sahi karne ke liye hahehehe

S.A.M.B.I.T said...

i reached u from stephen's blog...
but one thing...
the world arrond us is not as complex as it was before...

Gauri Mathur said...

Thanx Stephen,,mere editor bane ke liyee razii hogaye tum..heheh

Gauri Mathur said...

hey Sambit,,
its very nice to see you here...

n u r tite,world has become very complex,,may be because we ourselfs has made it complex:)

keep visiting..:-)
n keep blogging..:-)

descrying the shadows said...

He he nice post ... wont argue o anything u said .. but just dnt go about preaching all this ... just make sure u stick to it..

Gauri Mathur said...

yes,,when i mean things i mean it..
i don't say things..if i don't mean it, dost:)
vaise thanx!:-)

Manikandan said...

Very true if not a caustic post about parties. Well, I haven't attended a party yet (the wild kind), but have seen and heard of it. What you say is correct. Blogrolled you:)

Gauri Mathur said...

heyy thanx friend:-)