Friday, June 26, 2009


Ya, I am back. Its been some days, that I am back to Delhi. My trip was fine. Had fun.
But didn't get the time to update my blog. Busy with some work, then didn't feel like updating and now this scorching heat, which just pisses of badly.

But today, there is something which is bothering me at the back of mind, and that is, how can people be so easily judgemental?? I mean they become so very prejudice.?? Forms, various opinions about someone and proclaim that they are right, without even thinking ones that they can be absolutely wrong also..

What are you opinion friends? Is being judgemental a wise decision to make?? Help me for the better perspective

Monday, June 15, 2009

Will be Back soon! :-)

Finally the day has come for which I was excited from past 2 months. The day to the trip to Holy place and that too on my Birthday. Everything is set, packing is done..Yeah,,not me of course:D but Every bodies else..I should complete my packing till today night. Muma has kept a lot of khane ka saman, and P.S(my best friend)was telling me that her moma has also kept a lot of khane pene ka saman it would be of great fun, eating itna sara khane ka saman and spending time in the train, then chatting and playing Uno cards,Listening music:).
Me tho just sit window side and just view the scenaries , the hills, I just love gazing them:D:).


We are tho going in the AC class,,:( I cannot open the windows...:(

But never mind :D I have so many other reasons for this Happiness, Il try and sacrifice that window thingy:D:D

It seems as a long awaited Dream comes True. I never get excited for my Birthday,I am never been like that kind of person. But this time I am Truly excited. :-)

Thanks To God, Thanks to Moma, Papa, Bhaie and P.S's family.. Thanks to everybody who planned things accordingly... :-:-):-):
) :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


All the indibloggers to please vote for jagruti here : ( if you are unable to locate the blog name..please press control + F..and search for the keyword jagruti)


Monday, June 8, 2009

This also Happens sometimes!:)

A very out of the track incident happened today with me. I was coming back from CP in bus. I was sitting, a girl entered the bus and was standing behind my seat and asking for the ticket from the conductor.
When she was asking for the ticket, I got a feeling that I know this girl but here the interesting thing was that till that time I couldn't see her face.(Before seeing her face I got this feeling). It was just a feeling, and me so lazy that after getting this feeling also I didn't see her face. Then after some minutes, I looked little back and and then got a glimpse of her and I realised that I don't know her.

Now comes the interesting part, actually totally interesting, never expected this.
That girl was staring me, but I didn't notice that. And after a While that

Girl (asks): Do you live at PPG
I: ( very Shockingly) Yes. And got suddenly quiet for sometimes. Then,
I( asked her): Where do U put up?
I thought, If she knows me where I put up then for sure she must be living near by or so. BuT she used to live neither near by nor in my area, far from my place.
I was totally like What?? How can she know me like this???
Then I asked her: Do you know me??
She said: Yup!
I: How???
She: We met at Mandi house????
I: What?? When??

(I still don't know When I met this girl, though I generally don't forget peoples faces)

And after this I was so shockingly shockingly Shocked that, I couldn ask her anything more and I was totally quiet till my stop came.
I was totally like, what the hell is going?? How can she know me, and I don't know her.. Goodness me!!!
The most Cool thing which I was surprised about was my feeling, my inner feeling, I know I am bit good with that but This much good,I never thought.
I was like ,,ohk,,,
It was tooo Cool!!!!!
I mean hats off to my inner feelings!!!!

This incident just took me out of every shock which I m getting these days..

Such is life dearies...