Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Diwali!

As usual after a very long time I am writing my blog. Blogging is one thing which is constant in my life, though I am unable to write regularly and then I start missing my blog.

And that's the reason why my most of the posts starts from 'after a very long time..'

Festive season is here and we all are almost done with our shopping. Diwali has always been my favorite festival not because of the lights but also because of the enthusiasm it brings in one self.

I do have some really dreadful memories of crackers hitting me on Diwali but I still love this festival.

There is this togetherness this festival brings in. People meet and exchange gifts. Community Diwali mela's are organized. Games are played. People cheer and hoot and have so much fun together.

People decorate their houses with Rangoli, diya's, flowers and what not. There is so much zeal among people on this festival. This festival brings so much of happiness among people and that's what I enjoy the most.

And how can we forget the most important part of the celebration, the Pooja! Family pray together to almighty for their well-being and happiness through out the year!

Here I wish a very safe and a prosperous Diwali to all! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We have dreams. We allure them throughout our lives. But what important is do we really care to unfold them. At least try to unfold them? I am not sure if we can fulfill each and every dream of ours..
We grow with dreams, we die with dreams.. There is little we are able to do between these path.

In school we hardly acknowledge our dreams. We are so busy in thinking how to come 1st in the class that we forget that life doesn't end there. I still remember my school days where only thing which used to be in my mind was how I can stood 1st in the class. Though this never happened. But yes, like all other kids this was the only thing I had in my mind as a kid.

Now as a young adult I realize life has so better aspects than scoring 100% in Maths. I am still struggling in lot of verticals of life but I guess struggling is a never ending process.

I have dream to be an entrepreneur. But I am unsure about the journey. It's not I am less determined or doesn't possess perseverance. Its just I don't know where this journey of mine will lead. I am doing my bit.

Though from a family of service class little I hold as the inherent gift of entrepreneurship. But it hasn't changed my dream of being entrepreneur..

For once I feel I want to live my dream....


Friday, February 20, 2015

Beauty Care for Beautiful Skin

Pimples!!! One of the most common problem we face it on our face mainly, and that too often.

Girl's nightmare as it is said!

Now the question is what to do when pimple pops up! What homemade remedies can cure acne?

And when we know the worst part of acne is those acne marks..

Homemade remedies takes time but are effective. 

Pimple doesn't take much time to dry. Maximum 1 week ( if proper care is taken) but annoying is the acne marks which takes much more time to go.

In this post I'll share some of very important points how we can take care of our skin and kick pimple away.

First, we should never squeeze our pimples. And if by mistake pimple has squeezed, instantly put lemon juice on it.

Second, Wash your face at least 2 times a day with effective face wash. Mild face wash is recommended for extremely sensitive skin.

Third, Avoid exposing acne prone skin/acne to Sun. Use a good sunscreen lotion on your face.

Fourth, Eating too much oily and junk food. Avoiding them can also help in reducing acne.

Fifth, Use ice for some cooling effect and it also helps in reducing inflammation.

Now I'll also discuss some best homemade remedies:

1) Lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice: Apply this on your face before sleeping you'll notice a change in some days. Not only it will reduce acne, it will also make your skin glow.
*Quantity mixed is according to ones requirement.

Tip: Lemon is sometimes hard on sensitive skin which results in itching so cucumber juice can be used little more than lemon juice while mixing.

2) Use Neem leaves: Neem leaves are considered to have antibacterial properties. Make the neem paste and apply on face once or twice a week.

3) Tomato juice: Before bed time use tomato juice on face and give rest to pimples.

4) Honey: Not only it reduces pimple inflammation, it also helps in making skin glow. Regular application of Honey with lemon juice helps in reducing pimples and their marks.

5) Tea tree oil: These days tea tree is widely used in reducing acne and their marks because it is a natural antiseptic. Though it's expensive but it is one of the best way to reduce acne and acne marks.
Tip: Dilute the oil before applying. Or buy diluted one. Because Tea tee oil if not used with proper care can result in itching, redness, dryness and irritation.

PS: Tea tree oil should only be used as external application ((topically). It should never be consumed. It is then hazardous to health.

Last but not the least don't be stressed and live happy :-)

Friday, January 23, 2015


When I browse different E-commerce websites for a specific product I want. Let's say, jewelry, I observe:
1) Quality has been compromised
2) Products prices are extremely high

Recently I thought to buy earrings for one of my cousins wedding, I made some selections on one of the site and I was surprised with the price claims they have made on it! Because as a student I always look for something pocket friendly, fits in my budget and I can use the product  again and again. So quality goes hand in hand with price.

But at that time it didn't leave me with a choice and I bought it! And I guess at the time of urgent need we all do the same thing.

Later it made me think how justified it is to spend more money than actually it costs. OK... understandable they are doing  business and everybody in the online market place deserves a profit.

But as a consumer I'll definitely compare, check prices before buying. And will buy from a place which doesn't make a a big hole in my pocket.

 Finally, I have found a place where I can get a pocket friendly jewelry and by keeping the interests of consumers like me I decided to share this place with everybody out there who feels that these days various well established sites have become expensive and there should be an alternative which saves money as well as time.

This online market place is really good for jewelry. Though it's a start up and haven't displayed much stuff, some pieces are sold and some are left but as I said they have really cool and pocket friendly jewelry! :-)

They choose their products carefully by keeping the interests of consumers who look for economical jewelry and have also focused on displaying trendy and stylish jewelry.

I bought two pair of earrings from them within Rs 400! Their services are prompt! They also offer 100% cash back.

(Photos shared of the earrings bought:-) )

Isn't it really cool!!!!!!

In fact they weekly update their stock and I am really looking forward for what they bring up next week!! :-)

If you feel same and want some awesome budget friendly jewelry.

Buy the way they take bulk orders too! :-)

Contact: AURA collections


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Another chapter

...  Today first time I felt not going back home..

Home: My routine thought process, my jungle of thoughts and the complex of thoughts..

I feel like being distracted to the maximum and want to forget whats happening around me..