Saturday, January 30, 2010


Emotionally Depleted is the word which I am using it for this week. It's not one incident, its just series of incidents which is making me feel this way. Week itself didn't start on good note. From the first day only when it got ruined and I knew it there's alot of happenings sliding their way to make this week miserable.And truly it was miserable.
I am Happy this week is getting over.On the same side I have definately found an outlet too,to release my negativites and I have done to some extend and feeling relieved. I am hoping for the fresh and productive next week with some good positive energies and enthusiasm. There is a lot to do and cope up with.
Hoping for the best.
Good Luck to me!
God Bless me!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Immortal is the soul.
Entering A new body.
Feel the Magic
Feel the Divine.
How the same Soul ,
Forgets ;
Everything of past lives
And Starts a New Life
With the same Smile.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best Days of My Life...

No no!! I am not talking about Bryan Adam song. But ya, Talking about similar thing, my school days. Just in the morning all the memories popped up, by the message which was shared to me in the early morning by one of my closest friend. Just after that everything went to flashback.
For me school days were the best days.

School was just amazing. I was in sports and in our zero period(which was of 1 hr) I use to be out and play basketball. summers and in winters . In summers Oh God!! I got badly tanned. I never applied sunscreen,,Because It irritates me(It still irritates me) I always felt that by putting sunscreen more sweat comes and that too on nose more..So I never applied it :D :D and at the end result was I am badly tanned, with good sunburns...
:D :D :D
I was carefree in school, never bothered about my looks!! I was very much like nerd in school. With spectacles and all. All the time in sports.
But ya I was sincere student. I never bunked neither I was impolite to teachers rather teachers us to like me.
And they always had one complain with my parents. This girl should not be in sports so much. Sit in class. Do her homework more. Go home and study more.
And my moma is like..Yes..Maam!! and I am like..Nooo!!! :D :D
I never listened :D :D :D and had fun to the core. :) :)

The best interesting memory was Bakraz's class( ya, accounts sir nick name was bakra:D) He was oldie with so much white beard and white hair around him :D :D :D
There were hardly any students in his class except some girls including me ;) ;)

His lectures were immensely boring that one can sleep peacfully :D :D
We never wasted our time sleeping, rather eating more.
Yes, Our friend who us to bunk, we us to give him some money and then he goes and buys some donuts and lemonade for us and in that period we us to eat and eat and eat. Though sir always knew about our eating habits but you know..He was scared enough to point out.. :D :D :D :D :D :D

Schol was just funnn!!! Sports, friends, dancing, parties, picnics...
I loved every bit of it. I miss my school, my school days, my teachers.!!!!!!!!