Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yeh Pal..

Zindage ke dukho ko jee liya haste haste,
Zindage ne rishte badale,
manliya uske dastoor ko haste haste
Zindage ne rishte Cheene,

sarako par leliya uske iss hukum koo haste haste..

Par Zindage kise ko itna ghum na de ki Insaan us Khuda se kud keh.
Hey Ishwar
Aaaj Solakar hamesha ke liye sapno ki duniya mei chod aiyo
kal ki subeh ke suraj ki roshni mat dekhaiyo..


Thursday, February 12, 2009


What a long 11 letter word.? Phew! Difficult to pronounce or difficult to understand or difficult to feel?
Depends on person to person. We such an intelligent human beings, who thinks of our self that we can never be wrong and living in this worldly misconceptions we create great errors of life.
Some lose closest friends, some lose ones respect, some lose money and some lose Love.

What a life tragedy, just couldn't understand the meaning of One word in life and we losing so many things,what a loss man!!
People dont apologize because they think,"Ham to bhagwan ke avtar hai hum to kabhi galti kar he nie sakhte."
Some Think "Ki mei he kyo pehle sorry bolo uske bhi to galti haii vo kyo ni bolsakhta.."
'Bhaie ab Ego bhi to koi cheez hote haii usko kyo degrade kare,hai na..'But in all these misconceptions,they forget,what to realize and what to do.But the fact is that people ruin everything by such imature ideas.

If see the word Realization itself,the meaning is hidden in it only,'Real+zituation.'
Or we can say it in this way 'Aware of real+situation'.
But in today's world who cares to be like that. People are busy with there own lives,making money, how does it matters, What all they are losing just because of not realizing things on time.
People are no more Emphathic,and till the time they'll not able to put themselves in other's shoes, how will they'll realize other's pain, and one's mistake.
We talk about all that Spirituality,and deeper world and Existentialism and God Knows what all complicated terms,but the reality is, All this starts from Forgiving Word and then we come to forgiving World:). And a person can only be forgiving if he/she realizes situations on time. Its the time for all the realization,if left unrealized,realize it,solve it and back to normal with things and make a better and Happy environment.

'Life is Easy,Life is good,Life is Fun, but lead with some tiny realizations,A Smile will always be there.'

(PS:This post was utterly in good faith for every reader,and for me also,i myself don't believe in preaching neither being preached,its just an effort taken for the awareness for all those souls who still have not realized that life is beyond all these worldly matters,if committed a mistake, apologizing will not make you small,it will just bring more love and respect's in one's heart.)

[Sam likhdiya post mene,Khush hoja ab,batade party kaha deraha hai:D,itne din se mere piche padavaha hai ki blog update kar blog update kar,lojie kardiya hamne blog update.I hope you like it:-):-)]

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love-A Peace of Mind.

Love an amazing feeling of fullfillement,
a feeling of all desires come to an end.
It refreshes the soul,gives new hopes to live in,

We start knitting dreams again with all the different pastel colours,
green,orange every bright colour we can think of..
Old leaves sheds down, bright shiny light comes out,
New bond builds up,clouds of misunderstanding wipes off.
A new beginning steps in,,.

Its like rebirth of ones own soul,worries are buried,peace comes in,
Life seems as rainbow with silver linning all over it.

No matter Its conveyed or not, but a feeling in itself takes us from one world to another of purity..
A world of dreams ,a world of contentment, a world of innocent fanatasies,

A glory is there,our face blossoms like a cheery flower,a believe comes in..
World seems the most beautiful gift we can ever get from Divine..
We Sing ,We Dance,We mutter all the time,
it just instill us with all the joys of life.
We lose control,we hop,we pop,we hip and hop, we talk all the time,
it just revives all senses,
What a soothing sensation it is.

A Love,A Love, what a miracle it is,What a Blessing it is.