Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cruel World

She hate liars,
she hate fake people,
she hate each and every person who have hurt her for without any reason.
She hate those who have never trusted her,who have always took her wrong,her intentions wrong.

She hate those who have never understood her,
her concerns, her care, her love...
She hate this selfish world,
Shes been deceived ,her pure emotions have been murdered,
,whenever she has trusted people and allow them to be part of her life,
they all have hurt her,

She hate those who took undue advantage of her emotions,her innocence..
Shes always been loving,forgiving to people,but people have hurt her,she hate them...

World is so cruel,World is soo bad,She hate the world,everybody.
Nobody bothered for her tears,everybody made her cry,
People whom she trusted,
whom she felt that they are everything to her,
they also let her down,
hurt her badly,

Nobody cared,Nobody bothered
She hates everybody,She hates the world...


Kartz said...

Hmmm... Strong words dear...

This world is selfish. And we are part of it.

Peace. Khayaal rakhnaa.

Gauri Mathur said...

Everyone is selfish,some r evil selfish and some are naturely selfish,we are humans and we are suppose to be.

But hurting just seeing your own convinience is like a crime,,rather doing that just dont be attched to anybody.

Thanx for your concerns Kartz,il def. convey it to 'she':D:)