Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We can forget people,their faces,dates,years, but why the hell we can't forget moments,,?
They are always in our brains until n unless we are amnesiac,,sometimes saddest of the memory is still packed in our brains.
We forget relationships but we cant forget moments,such a weird human process!
People leave us and go.But memories haunt us or may be sometimes they just become very dearer.Sometimes there are allot of soothing memories but people remember some sobbing memories more prominently and, when i thought about it and did some autobiopsy asusal,i came to the conclusion that they can be more Real and preserving than any other ordinary fake memory, that's why people's brain adapt them better.[may be]

Here am not saying that people don't adapt sweet memories,ofcorse they do,infact everybody does,but it has seen that people adapt sob sob memory more often ,as they are more of emotional bond..

There are many memories which we really wanted the most to forget because they just bring tears, . Then
Why they are always just stucks inn and sucks are life's! why the hell we don't forget them??

Because ,the Ultimate fact is,, People can forget us, We can forget them, but memories, will never forget either of us!!Ones the memories are recorded in high powerful brain cells they are there always feeded inn and its too hard to forget them..

Thats what life is..


Toonfactory said...

Hey nice Blog...came to your blog while browsing thru numerous blogs so cant really tell you about the path that led me here...but honestly speaking liked your writings a lot...what can I say about memories an old wise man once said - “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”

Gauri Mathur said...

heyyy toonfactory!!

Nice to c ur comment after soo long..where u have been!!
n u have commented befo also..hw can u forget tat!!

thanx for sharing such beautiful quote and for ur lovely appreciation:-)
keep visting..!!
take care!!

Toonfactory said...

Hey thanks for the visit to my blog...was on an exile from the blogosphere...just came back...and checked all my fav. blogs...Keep visiting...and sharing good memories...