Monday, September 24, 2012


I was talking with one of the colleague in the office and what I got to know was that her 6 year old son is suffering from epilepsy. I got upset and its obvious for any person to get upset after hearing this.

Epilepsy which has become common these days but people are still insensitive towards it or they don't understand what it is actually about? And holds a very unrealistic notion about it.

Epilepsy fit is something which can happen anytime to a person and neither it is something which can't be cured. People suffering from it really don't have command over it at the time of fit. And people suffering with it and on proper medication are as normal as any other person performing similar activities with equal attention.

The other day someone was telling me that he has to leave his job because he is suffering from Epilepsy and company just don't want to keep someone who is suffering from this ailment. Though I was surprised but I was more thinking about that what was the fault of that epileptic fit patient.. He doesn't know when he'll get a fit or so.. should he deserve to be thrown out of the job on this reason ?? And that too when getting a job in today's time is so difficult..

We live in such a prejudice world ...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage !

This is a debate which we are debating since ages. Love marriage or Arranged marriage ?

Marriage is an institution which should be built on mutual terms and conditions as its a collaboration of two new lives as one. If this fact is clear in our minds it hardly matters a person does a Love marriage or arranged marriage.
But yes nobody can deny this fact that love marriage is convenient as compared to arranged marriage and we as humans are fond of convenience.

Arranged marriage is arranged as its name speaks. It's like you have given the clay and then rest is built on how your imagination floats! Isn't it? 

Marriage is a serious affair as in Hindu mythology it's said its not only collaboration of two people, its a collaboration of families. And Indeed it is.In marriage you start sharing different believes, cultures, ideas, etc.

And to grow in an institution like marriage there has to be love, faith, trust and care irrespective of this its a love marriage or its an arranged marriage.

When the ingredients of the marriage are same then the taste would be same too whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage.

It's just, Love marriage has become more prevalent because people has realized the difference of making decisions by choice not by chance!

This post is written for Love Ya Arranged contest on Indibloggers,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Re-Play it!

'' Sometimes I feel I should record all my best of memories so that the day when I feel gloomy the most I can re-play it and see it as many times I want to, to get all those smiles back!!.''

:-) :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Games and Fun!

I was playing a game on facebook and it reminded me of those days when I used to play so much of video games with my younger brother and friends. I still remember those games; Mario, Felix the cat, Contra, F1 race. I could never complete the lap in F1 race but later I learned the art of completing it. All these memories are just so funny ..He he he.. Now its a era of x boxes new gaming devices but what I feel is old is gold. 

I am still searching if I can get a video game..I shall connect it with my laptop and will play all day along with my friends and family . It gonna be real fun.
:-)  :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We can do it! :)

There is a very interesting example of female empowerment coming in my observance these days and that is female conductors in Delhi transport corporation buses.Every morning I take this DTC bus and when I see this lady conductor in the bus I feel so proud within. 

How the mind sets are changing towards female. It gives me sense of recognition.

A recognition which we are waiting for so long.

I am waiting for the day when there will be lady bus drivers. And In Delhi lady auto drivers.