Friday, September 26, 2008

A Memorable Trip to Shirdi:-))

Today my dear friend went for a trip to Shirdi,and she was so excited,after seeing all this all my memories just flashed back of my recent Shirdi Trip,it was memorable one which i'll cherish through out my life.In this trip i went through various experiences and some very good realization.
Its was 10th night when we left for Shirdi.I was totally satisfied with what I had that time,feelings,satisfaction of some of my decisions.Life wasn't on track 100% before leaving but then also I was satisfied for various things.Baba called me to his place with abundant satisfied mind.I was happy for one and only ting that I was going to meet him with pure mind,that is without any regrets ,or grudges or guilt,it was entirely pure. Life wasn't tat fruitful to me before leaving but I don't know wt happened I was satisfied with everything,very positive very cheerful..
On 11th evening v reached to Shirdi and then we went to our hotel room we all were very tired 22 hrs journey was too much. We took sum rest had sum food,,n v got fresh.. n ten v decided to visit Samadi mandir[where Baba’s Samadi and his effigy is placed ] . There are two floors r may b mo ten two floors..and d long queue to reach to d Samadi mandir..but it wasn't tiring standing was full with excitement that il meet Baba n When I entered d Samadi mandir,there were 2 queue.II didn't know that one of them will lead directly to d exit,I found that queue shorter so I got into it,but I was very disheartened when it took me straight out to the exit.I didn't even get a time to pray2 my Baba.I was disheartened that no now Il not get a chance to talk to him,to pray him. After tat v went to Dwarakamai this is d real place where baba us to to spend most f d time..he us to meet his devotees there talk to them there we have Dhuni was lit by Baba only at his time,,the ashes of Duni were given by Baba to his people in d form f medicine to cure there physical pains it still used as a medicine though its not given directly by Baba but your faith in Baba and his duni makes it much better then any other medicine and the pain his cure. Here also we didn't get the chance to visit the actual place of DwarakmaiWhere Baba lit that Duni…it was closed n we were at d entrance…at tat time I don't know what happened I suddenly start feeling bit dizzy, I was feeling very thirsty also…as I was in Baba’s palace..dare anything can happen to me,I was fine.I went out and had sum water and felt much better.Then we went to one f d restaurants tere fr dinner,,n ten back to r room for a sleep,we all were tired but on 12th early morning v hav to get up early in d mrng for the Aarti and for that we have to be in queue of 2’o clock .We all were very tired,,it was around 11:30 r something v reached r hotel room and we have to get up again at 12:30 r 1am to get ready fr Aarti,,it was tiring,,But as it was decided alarm rang at 12:30 v got up till 1..v were still on bed with a confused mind that v should attend it today or n Sunday tat is 13th…but Baba wants to meet all of us in the morning Aarti ..we got up r laziness was vanished,,got ready n went there n stood in line of 2:15am,the mandir opens at 4:00am,,and Aarti starts at 4:30 am,,v all were in queue with other was again a very long queue,many people were there before 2am,they were sleeping there only,,I was sitting on a granite marble platform..there was an old lady sitting with me,,she was a Tamilian..a lott f crowed there is from Andhera…and the problem with all Andheraites is that they don’t understand hindi or english they only speak tamil which is again a language prob with us because..we hindi speaking people have very minimal knowledge of tat..i was tired n sitting very lazily on tat platform..tat old lady was soo kind she by her hand movements indicated me to put my head on her lap..i did tat..she protected me like her grandchild..later on I become bit conscious that my pony can pinch her on her la,so I got up.

Then time passed v went inside.I got to meet Baba again..tat too 4rm very near..v sang d Aarti,,and one of my favourite bhajan,its a part of that Aarti onl and That day.I talked to Baba for a very long time,there we can't stand for long n pray,,but I did tat..n when I was praying.I was not getting wt to pray I forgot must of the thing one night before I was planning i'll pray this and that and I forgot what to talk . When I meet Baba..that day I was with Baba for very long time,Iwas happy,very happy…finally I have to asked d guard how to b out from this area ann he showed me the way… I was satisfied… .On d same day v went Shani mandir,its at Shingapur,its about 2 hrs long journey..v went there..came back around 12..we were very tired..we didn't sleep much from past 1 r 1.5 days.We had our food and then we dozed off…we took sum good rest later in the evening.I alone visited the Samadhi mandir again…very long queue but Baba was kind to me that,again I was very near 2 Baba.I came back to my room..papa ,moma n Anmol went to Dwarakmai that day.At the same very day we planned for the night Aarti for which we have to be in queue of 8:30pm..Baba was soo kind to us tat for Aarti f 10:30pm v went in the queue of 9:30pm..and then also…we got a chance to be in Mandir that too very near to Baba…
As I couldn't visit Dwarkamai any of days it was necessary for me to visit on 13 th our last day of Shirdi.We went to Dwarakamai and I was shocked to c such a big queue..i was sad,,because I felt tat today i'll not get chance to visit Dwarkamai,but my papa,a very optimistic man..said don worry dear..v will….v got a chance before we expected..and then we all visited before time.My this visit to Shiridi was complete..i was satisfied..Baba showered his blessings his love he took a very good care of all of us..we were very happy,,, Then we came to our room,,,packed are luggage went to our station…in meanwhile we stopped for Tapu bhumi mandir ,,where Baba did his tapsya..and then straight to our station… I went satisfied n came satisfied.Life was good n very serene there..
Om Sai Ram!

Note:This post was originally posted by me on my very dear friend's blog Dharma Karma.


Kartz said...

Hmmm... Ne'er been there. Guess I'll some day.

Good 'un.

Alpesh said...

Aum Sai Ram , Felt Nice to read about your Shirdi pilgrimage, thanks for sharing.

descrying the shadows said...

dear .. andharites aspeak telugu dear .. tamilians speak tamil ...
U had a nice trip .. good for you

Gauri Mathur said...

hey Thanx..