Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weird me?:D

Today the Day was so peculiar,in the afternoon i was alone at home and i don't know what happened, i just started crying like anything.I didn't even know the reason that what happened ,why i cried??
And my crying was not that silent sobbing,it was a loud one and that too done in bit hesitant mode just because my neighbours should not hear my sob sob.
Through out the year,there were many 'moments of cry' and i cried also,but not wholeheartedly.
Sometimes tears were till my eyes only,they didn't have the courage of dropping off my eyes,they were soaked up by my eyes only.
But today, i was crying like 2 year old child though for 2 minutes only but then also i don't know why ??
At one point i just got this feeling that i have become weak now,i don't know, in what sense but i felt this for a while.I just can't take it anymore.My inner strength has been tested allot,now doesn't feel like giving any test at least for sometime.

I just felt like switching off my cell phone,cut off from outer world just want to be in my own world for sometime.In fact today i have to meet my friends even didn't feel like going there,but as i committed so i have to go and later its not that i didn't have fun,i had loads of fun,in fact they all cheered me up,,though unintentionally.But we had allot of fun.May be that was the best part today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tear Drops!

I Don't know what has happened to me??These days i just shed my tears for anything,,on any emotional or low moment,,anything.. the tears starts dropping from my eyes..!!
Oh God!! I have never been so weak..what is happened to me??
or it is just emotional outburst inside me which i can't hold it anymore and now it is coming in pieces,..don't know?
I don't know,,i just know,,that my tears these days are unstoppable:D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


"Sometimes she feels, that she should totally go out his life,when she came across his other genuine set of friends,which he also says that they are very caring and nice.
But then suddenly, something inside her just stops her to do so,she herself couldn't find out that what it is,why she is unable to do so...??"

Such is a life Dearies.....:D:)

Quote of the day!

Just A click!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a Click!

Clicky clicko clickaaaaa!!!!!:D:D

This is me in middle,then in rite Sidu and in left Arunima.
We all are school friends,we met in Pune after a very long time specially Arunima and me.This photo is clicked in some kakade mall in Pune.
I spend a very minimum time with them but it was fun meeting them.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Innocence is still Alive!!!:-)

In my Journey to Shridi, i met a little boy in train, he was a student of 4th class and he was also going to Shridi,so i was just talking to him and he too was enjoying his conversation with me.
I asked him, you going to Shridi,what will you pray to God.?

That conversation goes likes this:
Gauri:When you will reach Shridi,what will you Pray?
Rahul:I don't kno??
Gauri:Will you pray for loads of chocolates??
Gauri:Will you Pray for toys??
Gauri:Will you Pray for loadss of Money??
Gauri:Then what will you Pray??
Rahul:I don't know??
Gauri:Ofcourse You Know!

Then after this he said..
I'll Pray to god that he Blesses everybody![sabka bhala hoo,these were his words]
and these words just brought Smile on my face..

then again i asked him,you'll not pray for your studies.than he says'sabka bhala mei to aahe jata hai sab kuch,mere padai bhi usse mei ajate haii'..
And after all this conversation between me n him,,i was happy,that children are still innocent,innocence is still not vanished...
His words were to innocent and too pure...

When all this conversation finished,the very first thing which came into my heart was..

"Dear Child now you are already blessed,God has already Blessed you before reaching to his place, you are Blessed Baby of his".

'tabhi bolte hai God bacho ki baat jaldi sunte hai,,kyoki they are full of purity and love".
They don't have any grudges or malice for anybody...

Child's heart is always a pure heart,its proved now!:-))

God Bless this Child!:-)
God Bless everybody!:-))



Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yipppppppppppppp!!!! My 100th post..:-)))))

So So So,this is my 100th post and I am Very Happyyyyyy....:-)))

And on this occasion of my tiny success i am gona share some other moments of the day which made me smile today.:-)))

== I finished the Holy Book which i was reading from past 2-3 weeks.I am very Happy,infact my state is of contentment.Feeling very Good.:-))

==Tomorrow am going to my Baba's place,2nd time in around 3 months,soooo happpyyy:-))))

==Then one of my dear friend whom i call Siddu,my school friend bought a new car.He came in morning and gave me surprise,i was so happy for him,really it brought a smile on my face:-))

==Finally, my dearest friend Tushar completed his novel The Thakur Boy on his blog,am happy for him,hes a faboulus writer:-))

And last but not the least i wana Thank every reader of my blog spec. Tushar,Pankhuri,Sidharth,Karthik,Stephen and other blog followers who have been great Support to me.:-))))

Thank you!:-))

PS:Prashant,it just slipped from my mind,hes also been a great support to me in blog world.:)

Cruel World

She hate liars,
she hate fake people,
she hate each and every person who have hurt her for without any reason.
She hate those who have never trusted her,who have always took her wrong,her intentions wrong.

She hate those who have never understood her,
her concerns, her care, her love...
She hate this selfish world,
Shes been deceived ,her pure emotions have been murdered,
,whenever she has trusted people and allow them to be part of her life,
they all have hurt her,

She hate those who took undue advantage of her emotions,her innocence..
Shes always been loving,forgiving to people,but people have hurt her,she hate them...

World is so cruel,World is soo bad,She hate the world,everybody.
Nobody bothered for her tears,everybody made her cry,
People whom she trusted,
whom she felt that they are everything to her,
they also let her down,
hurt her badly,

Nobody cared,Nobody bothered
She hates everybody,She hates the world...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another beautiful creation of Tushar,'The Thakur Boy'.
An Impressive and touching story by him.

Must read, Strongly Recommended by me:-)
Thank you!!

Just a click!:)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A year of sorrows...

It was early morning around 1:30am or so today, got a call from my very dear friend and she was crying,i asked what happened?She said my father is no more,i was speechless. I didn't know what to say,how to react?And i coudln't talk to her further,and i kept the phone down.

I just got over with similar phase 3 months back.It was traumatic.My best friend lost her young 25 years old brother in road accident.He was studying in Australia. I still remember,it was Saturday morning,i was messaging her just to share some tid-bits of my life and she didn't reply to any of my messages.Then on my way to class i called her and i was about to blabber and she said Prashant is no more.I was Blank,i asked her Who Prashant? She said my Brother and she hung up.My mode got anestheatic that time,i was not at all aware of my surroundings and i was walking blankly then after 2-3 second i regained my consciousness and then called my mother she was also shocked then she and Papa both rushed to her place and i went to the class first,couldn't concentrate for a second,i left the class in between and rushed.

I have seen that pain,that crying of grandparents,that crying of a mother, a father, a younger sister.It was too depressing,She is my dearest friend and i usto go to her place everyday,i know how it used to be,she usto cry and i was so helpless,i just can't do anything.
God bless there entire family.

Now its 3 months i still can see that pain in her family,Uncle who usto joke allot,now he doesn't do it much.Aunty who usto be so cheerful all the time,now shes not like that,shes so restless from her mind,her state of mind has disturbed,she just wants some peace,mental peace.

Again same circumstances has arisen, my friend lost her father,the pain is unbearable.I don't know how i'll console her.My strength is lost,my energies are still not 100% rejuvenated,I am again helpless.My life too is not 100% on track,i know my problems are too smaller,but its getting tufer for me to handle those.

Today i have to go to her place,but couldn't go,because i can't witnessed dead body and people crying badly.I am very vulnerable.I am very sorry for that but,my power was not allowing me to witnessed that scene.I have become weak.

This year was full of sorrows,my another close friend lost her grandmother.It was too depressing.

I just pray to God,that he blesses entire Aspanani family.Give them strength to come out from this low phase of life.

God Please bless all ,love all. Your hand of a blessings will just make everything smooth.

Friday, October 3, 2008

An Undelivered Email !

This was an email i read in one of my friend's inbox,she couldn't send this to her beloved because of unfortunate circumstances.

--This letter is not displayed here for any sympathy reason,its just about ones innocent feelings..

My dear,today i really want to confess some of my very integral feelings,which was always a very deep part of me ad my life but now i think its a right time and i should share it with you as it involves you also.
I know u from past 2 years and i never realised this that i have a crush on you. First i thought that its just an infatuation,and may be it was,but as our relationship started growing,i found that it is more than that,though i still can't feel that it is love factor but then also it was something, which i was unaware of.
I have felt that jealousy and that possessiveness in me.Though every intentions of mine was pure.My jealousy and my possessiveness never lead me to take any evil step towards any of your relationship.My feelings were balanced.

I don't trust people so easily neither i give them chance to be part of my life,but you were successful in making that place.

I don't know how you feel, the same way I do.?

I have always felt protected under your friendship,in fact you were the person whom i always felt knows me better though not in and out but to some extent you always knew how am I.
You have always guided me,i have always felt that warmth with you.I was real mE with you, my comfort level with you have always been good.

After that circumstances didn't support her,Things changed so rapidly,...Couldn't send this...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have left the blog Writer's Lounge.It was entirely my pleasure and good luck till whatever time i was associated with it.It was a great experience,though i didn't contributed much,but it felt nice to be part of it.:-)
Thanks to the person who motivated me!:))
and thanks to Stephen!:)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Innocence of A Girl!

So here's my much awaited poem.This is my First Poem in Hindi.;)
I wrote This poem a way back.It one of my very pleasant memory.I Still remember when the first time i shared it with one of my very dear friend and i was so shy in sharing it with him because i found it bit embarrassing:D.I share my every first composition with him.:))

But then later i got compliments like that it is filled with innocence and all.:-)).
May be it is,May be its not,Some may find it bit funny.

But, nevertheless its my composition and I Love it!!:-))

Iss totte rishety se iss dil ke asihane ka kya hga
yeh pul sa dil ab pathar dil banjayega uska kya hga.
iss pathar dil ke aaso ka koi marram nhi ,
yeh aise he roota jayega.

phir ek din ek rajkumar ayega vo iss pathar dil ka maraham layega,
saare aaso lejayega,
r khushiyu ki barsat layega.

Bas intezar hai ab uss rajkumar ka jo yeh dherr saare khushiyan laega,
mjhe rajkumari jaisa ehsaas dilaega aur mere saare dukh dard apne banega.

Ishwar se bas prathana hai mere mat nazar lagane inn sapno par kisseki,
kardena inhe saach,
aur khushal kardena b zindage mere.