Friday, November 28, 2014


Let’s start with simple question. What is hope?

For me hope is staying positive. For someone else it may be source of happiness.

All of us perceive and interpret hope in different and convenient way. But one thing is sure which all of us agree with hope is zest of the life.

If there is hope there is life. The ultimate goal of human soul is to achieve salvation and in the hope of achieving state of Moksh we all are here doing our bit of Karmas.

We humans go through various ups and downs in life. But what keeps us alive is hope. Hope keeps us focused on our desires and hence regulates our happiness.

Because we so deeply feel this hope within us that if something doesn't go as per our hopefulness. We are badly hurt within and then we lose a part of ourselves.  Yes, then we need lot of positive words from our friends and family and it does take time to be back to ourselves.

So, as it says;

Stay hopeful, Stay happy!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fiction - A terrible dream

I was so sure it will work. I knew within me. I believed in our relationship. I trusted all forces whether spiritual or non spiritual. I didn't leave any hope till the end. Because somewhere I knew deep down it is not suppose to happen.

It was like Tsunami in my life. I didn't lose hope. I tried my best because I knew something deep within that it wasn't planned. I had natural fears but I considered my trust/believe bigger than my fears and I didn't lose hope.

But what I find despite of all my efforts he cold-heartedly thrashed every bit. He didn't bother to even take a stand. It made me feel as if I am falling from a cliff, he holds me and later leaves me to fall and die.

This feeling deep within killed me. I was in vulnerable situation. After repeated mails, messages, no clarification, no explanation, no justification was provided to me. I was disrespected and insulted.

To my great surprise I never received any apology nor any accountability of what he has done.

And the most amazing part was that he laid the foundation of relationship.

I have to bring my life on track. I was losing health, I was losing whatever peace. I tried hard to bring back my life on track. Really hard. I started socializing. I started working hard.

And then.. Aha! Wake up bell! Good morning..A new day!

Oh man! I can be a dramatic writer! Haha!

#Fictitious #Imaginary #Terrible dream

Friday, November 14, 2014


Some days back someone told me; Go back to blogging, what are you doing?  And I am here thinking what to write. I am such a slow and a confused writer.

Anyway, I am still thinking ..uhmm...what to write....Uhmmm.. Ok, let's see what I have in my mind..

#1: I was watching Wall-E today and it's such a beautiful movie. During the movie I realized expressing love is not so difficult as we think. It's not necessary to have a heart to love. A healthy intention will do that too.

#2: Recently I went for an interview where they asked me a question what is my dream retirement. This question made me think that philosophically and practically we never get a retirement. We are working either making money or taking care of our family or both. We never retire until and unless we leave this body.

#3: When you lose hope. You lose part of yourself.

#4: Some years back X told me; he wants peace of mind and that's why he can betray his love and marry a girl of his parents choice. It kept me wondering is this will really fetch him a peace of mind. Is it so simple?
Because it rather displays shit of mind!

#5: I have not been clicking lately :-(