Monday, November 10, 2008

How Important is Money iN Relationships?

This was the topic in one of the magazines for some competition,i didn't send the entry but thought to share my views with my blog.

Money an inexorable aspect of one's life. There's always of a greed of more and more.In today's modern world money has become more important than relationships.
Now days money is a pillar of everything.In fact its a base of any relationships.People have lost every emotions of life and highly practical that they are more money minded than relationship mined.For them financial status is more than ones own goodwill.
If you have huge amount of bank balance than you have every relationship of life.
Today the world has become so cunning, accept money people are unable to sense anything else.

Relationships another inseparable part of life, that these days people are so much into money thingy that money has empowered the scent of relationships.
Ones my friend told me that her friend decided her Boy by not seeing that how he is as a person but how much is his bank balance.And i was totally surprised how can somebody be so clever and so bitchy i mean so mean.But as it is said that no two people are same, everybody is different,differs in opinions and thoughts i had nothing to tell her accept listening all this.People says that gossiping is 'bitchy' but i truly feels this 'money' is more bitchy and killing.
If you have money you have relationships,if you don't have a single penny you have lost everything your own family sometimes.

Sometimes i wonder that where the world is leading everybody has become so materialistic,for what?? When they'll go to God's place they just can't take all this materialistic things,for what they are so mad about.??
Status,bank balance,for what,at the end only good deeds will be counted..??

Anyways, if money is heavy on relationships ,then whats a big deal in it, after all its 'Kalyug' anything can happen.


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Rushabhh Gandhi said...

We live a programmed life and the currency notes are the only energizers for it....
So need to have filled up pockets!