Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Happy Day:-)

What a Lovely day!! It is a big relieve after meeting my paternal Gran maa. Last time I met her It was very sad on my part because she was ill. Though she has become very weak but today"Touch Wood" she is much better. Talking, recognising, siting with us. I am so Thankful to God for her better Health!I am very Relieved and Happy:-)

And Now comes the other story which bring a great Smile on my face and That were Rains!!!I just Love rains. What a Rain it was!!! I mean we all were coming back from Noida and "Kya mast barish huee..boleto..ek dum mast..". The weather was so Amazing.

I have always felt that Rains are the Good Signs. It brings Good Lucks, Smiles, Changes and settles everything uneven in Life.



sawan said...

happy happy u, happy happy nature, happy happy me :)

Creativity!! said...

"Kya mast barish huee..boleto..ek dum mast..". This Attracts A Reader A Lot :D

Really Extremely Excellent Post Dear :D S, Grandma's Are Miracles......I Too Love My Nana.....Nani[but they r no more].....

Keep Writing Dear :D

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

:) :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh ...Good to know your Grandma is doing fine..:) The great relief we neva expect in things when our beloved ones are healthy and glowing wth all smiles..:)

Rain brings all good things...May it shower all success in your life..!

Cheers Dear

NEHA said...

i luv rains tooo

but when i am at home :P

Dhanya said...

Yay! So much happiness :D Infectious :D