Friday, August 28, 2009

Piece of Thoughts...

I really want to update my blog a long time back But couldn't do so. Finally today I am doing it or else whole lot of thoughts which are running inside will just get subdue. These days Thoughts gets subdue before the time I thoroughly realize them.
There is a lot many things going within me. A whole lot of Thoughts!! My Adernalin rush is on the peak but unfortunately some can be expressed and some cannot be..

- 2 days back when I was coming back from My class Suddenly I don't know what happened and I started worrying just because I didn't write anything from past so many days. I start fearing. Damn! All my vocab gonna lose... And I was Like What is going onn!!And Now I have decided I will scribble more often some thing or the either.

-I have to go and fill my MBA college form. Thankfully and Luckily I saw the forms details on time or else I would have missed it. Online buying and submission is already closed.

- I am worried about my Studying Schedule. I really wanna increase it. But I am not able to do it. I am so packed with so many things. Mon-Sat. I don't know How Ill set things on track now.

-People are these days becoming very Opinionated. They are not at all interested in understanding other's perspective . An X doing all this Shit, I can tolerate. But If Someone who is close to me, do it, It makes me Sad, disappointed, Hurt.

(I just came home and now sitting here and will get up once I finish this post. I have to publish this in the morning. 2 times light went off. I have to publish it now!!!)

- A Big Smile has to be brought on someone's Face . No matter what all clashes we share. But at the end"Smile tho Bante hai" :-)

-I Don't know why suddenly a thought of Losing pops up within me. When I started comparing something with other and I don't know what blaze in me which kept me disturbed.

When I analysed all this inside me I felt May be Because..

"Certain Times You know everything and then also You Fear Everything"

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NEHA said...

hey gauri,

good 2 c u after really long ..

looks lyk u hav opted for MBA good luck with tat ..

after reading this post i felt tat there cudnt be any better apt title for ur blog UNPREDICTABLE LIFE its soo true ..