Tuesday, September 22, 2009

She+He=Love :-)

Love is Addiction
We want it,
We don't want it

When we are young
Crushes become Love
When we grow up
A casual Relationship Becomes Love

But When we get Mature,
Love Is Unconditional, Soul touching Experience,
Full of vibrant Hopes, Full of Enthusiasm, No matter,
What all Difficulties has to be faced,
Love is Pure, Love is Divine.

It's a feeling which Mesmerizes our Soul,
Love heals the wounds,
And Freshens the Soul

Love is a state of giving,

You, Your Ego, Your Life
But It Is not the state of Being get exploited
It's just Simply 'She' and 'He'

Love- "We want to be With it and It stays till the time we are with it" - G.M


Shankar said...

hmm.lovely nice one about love....

Girl Next Door said...

Very Well written... For me Love is magic... It happens automatically and the moment it touches our souls, the whole world seems soo beautiful :)

Satyu said...

I agree with each and every word you said.

Nice post :)

Sanghi said...

When we were young, then we grow u, then we mature... s0 true... hopes and expectations are diff for diff people... weird nature is of homo sapiens...:||:|

Gauri Mathur said...

*An Error was committed by mistake in stanza 3, Its corrected now.
Thanks Guys!

Gauri Mathur said...

Hey Shankar!
How you doing?
Thanks :)

Hey Girls next Door!!
Where were you? How you been?
And you are absoultely Right, In Love World seems soo Beautiful!

Hey Satyu!
Thanks for your comment!
Hope to see you more often!
Take care!

Hey Abishek!
Thanks! :):)

sawan said...

did i miss some news swty? :)

Dr Riya said...

hey... nice one.. its a beautiful one...

Pallav said...

absolutely correct infact the last lines were the best...


Gauri Mathur said...

Hey Anil Bhiaya!
Nope you missed nothing:)

Hey Dr Riya..

Hey pallav!!
How you been doing??
You know what, I was missing your comment and Here it is:)
Take care..