Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Random!

Tommy- A Street Dog!
He is Mithhoo!! The sad thing is He doesnt know how to fly:( Yesterday He came out from his cage and fell down and then couldn't fly. Later, papa went and picked him up, or esle he would have been eaten by a cat or a dog.


asit dhal said...

street innocent !!!

3 years back, we had a parrot., but somebody stole that !!

NEHA said...

nice click again!


Sanghi said...

Dogs don't eat birds like that...:||:|
Cats hunt for them...
PS: Take Mithhoo in ur hands and make him feel like flying... 0oo0

Creativity!! said...

Chooo Chweet Mithooo :D :)

Gauri Mathur said...

@ Asit!
Thanks for visitng. Hope to see you more often!

Thanks ladki!:)

Really!! Did you ask a Dog about it?:D:D:D
And Mitho is Mitho hes a tiny bird, who is afraid of we humans!!
So teaching him fly is very difficult!
thanks for visitng!
take care!


The Solitary Writer said...

wht is the street dog doing in ur building:P