Friday, September 11, 2009

Chiggy Wiggy.. :D:D

I just want to update something so I am scribbling anything. It can be of no sense but can't Help it. I just wanna update something. Actually I want to write a poem from so long but Words are not clicking so Dropped the idea. But Updating randomly anything.

I am listening the new song of movie Blue-I wanna chiggy wiggy wich oo.." I guess these are the Lyrics..Funny na..:D:D. Oh Man!! But whatever it has some kind of uplifted my mood..:D:D
This movie would be good I think and so many other are releasing this Diwali. I wanna watch all. I wanna watch Aladdin too. :D:D

...Kare Chiggy wiggy sang soniye..lalala...Kare Chiggy wiggy..oh aja chiggy wigy..Oye Oye!!


Creativity!! said...

Good Post :D Surely Watch That Movie Dear :D Hugs :) :)

Dr Riya said...

ya.. its an awesome song..!! mast song hai...really upliftes the mood...

sawan said...

some one is tappin her foot!! :P

Anandit _ Andy said...