Monday, August 25, 2008

What changed you???

You know I care for you,
You know am somewhere dependent on you,
You know I count you in one of the special persons in my life,

But suddenly what happened??

Y u doing this,
What changed you soo much!??
That now u don't even show your concerns,ur friendly love...
U were never so inexpressive ,wt changed you suddenly,

Is time has changed you soo much that u forget me??
Is new people around you have become soo important that u r wid tem all the time n don't get time for me,
Life has become
soo busy that u r soo occupied that u don't even get a time to ring me n ask, hw r you dear friend???

If its all because something is bothering you, than share with me,
ease u,ill make you feel happy,
il make you realise hw important you r to world, to me,
make you feel gud..

But,please break this Silence,it sometimes, makes me uncomfortable,
this dry,rough behavior upsets me...
U were never like this...

What happened,wt changed you so much ???


Rajesh said...

Awesome!!!! very well-writte...was a very good read...lovely post...such thots do come n go but it really needs spl skills to pen them down so very well..

P.S: Wanted to visit ur blog...thats y dropped in from Writer's Lounge... take care

Do visit ma blog wen u find time

Gauri Mathur said...

Thanx Rajesh once again!:-):-)