Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am Doomed

Yesterday result came,i never expected that i wud score soo low,but i did,it ws a depressing moment bec now i wud nt be able to give my entrance exam CAT a very important exam fr MBA aspirants. I am never sad for marks,i hav seen alot of ups n downs in context to marks,but that day,i ws sad for 2 tings,i wsnt eligible for CAT n my parents were sad. They always wanted their Children to b as brite as others n wich we r not. Its not that tey always pressurise r burden us wid their extraordinary dreams,our parents r very casual n supporting parents but it feels bad to realise that one door of success is closed for their daughter. I am a person wos hardly depressed with this marks scenario,this time i jus wanted to score a bit high so i cud give CAT but destiny has store sumthn else for me. My friends cald me n started giving their sympathies ,wich i really didn want[i ws expecting sumbdies cal so as to cheer my off mood, but it didn came],its a part of life, what matters to me at that time was my parents happiness n wich i ws unable to full fill. I ws tokin to my moma yesterday evening n i ws teling her d same ting that m nt sad that i scored soo low m sad bec i may nt b ble to give CAT n tat time my moma very enthusiastically said,y nt ul b! n I kno tat time il nt b,n may be sumwhere my moma also,it ws just her motherly love n hopes for her daughter,but hw can we neglect the truth,v hav to accept it today r tomorrow.
When the year started,[dont kno had a feeling of that tis year may not b a fruitful year ahead] i prayed to God whtaever will b the year ahead for me,i jus want 3 months of my life this year to b smooth,i.e my birthday[wic ws dull],ten my result[wich ws low too] n leftover month is november[wen hav to give CAT,wich m nt giving now]

Today also this feeling ws haunting me n it made me low fr time being but i met my Dear firend'P' n i really felt better n then now i have also learnt to cope up wid d depreesed part of life.
But this whole incident hav made me realise one very important thing that as child its much easier to cope up wid various depressing moments but as we grow up things changes n it becomes tuffer to cope up r live up wid low moments.
I still hope for a positive future.

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom."


Tshhar Mangal said...

u can still give cat.
And ek try thoda na matter karta hai cat main
Sometimes u have to sit for the cat exam 5 times or more.
Tu to pehli baari main ghabra gayi

Gauri Mathur said...

Yar mei ghabraye nie hu m jus disappointed,CAT se ni ghabrate:)

vaisee.. Thank you soo mch for such soothing words:)

Gauri Mathur said...

and for your support.:)

ραηкнυяι said...

koi mereyko bhi thanks bolo :P :D :P
main bhi achii bachii huu
aur aap sad mat hoo gaurii dii..
tushki ney promise kiya hai ki wo aapko CAT,DOG sab dilvaayegaa hainaa tushkiii :D :P :D

Gauri Mathur said...

Thanx Pankhuri.